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[07:25:40] --> geist has joined #uwadv
[07:25:57] * geist pokes around
[07:26:44] * servus doesn't like being poked
[07:28:09] <geist> :)
[07:28:22] * geist just found the uwadv project after thinking of doing something similar
[07:31:02] <servus> Ditto, though I actually made a level viewer and map/graphics editor before seeing it
[07:31:23] <geist> yeah, that's what I'm kind of interested in at the moment
[07:31:35] <geist> what the general layout of the maps are, etc
[07:31:41] <geist> how it stored, I mean
[07:31:48] <servus> 2.2D :)
[07:32:48] <geist> which data files is it in?
[07:33:01] <geist> I'm poking through the source right now
[07:37:59] <servus> Hmm, the levels? Probably the ark
[07:38:09] <servus> Poke through the uwadv source :)
[07:38:48] <geist> yeah, that's what I'm doin
[08:06:59] <geist> ah yes, it's in lev.pak
[08:07:03] <geist> quite a simple format I might add
[08:10:59] * servus noddles
[08:11:29] <geist> I was wondering if it was a BSP or anything
[08:11:44] <geist> but ultima predated doom by quite a long time
[08:21:25] <servus> It's not BSP
[08:21:28] <servus> It predated *wolfenstein*
[08:21:42] <servus> It's just a tile system. The original UW used a general-purpose triangle rasterizer for the walls
[08:22:50] <geist> right
[08:23:05] <geist> each tile gets 32-bits which describes it
[08:23:07] <geist> pretty interesting
[08:25:38] * servus nods
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