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[02:10:35] * servus boggles.
[02:38:31] <sol> boggles?
[02:38:32] <sol> :)
[02:45:19] <servus> Bogglish.
[02:45:29] <servus> What say you, Rodrigo?
[02:45:53] <sol> haha
[02:46:17] <sol> servus? that's a funny name. I'm going to call you Rodriguez.
[02:47:18] <servus> They were planning on doing full voice acting for Ultima Underworld, so they found a way to write an unchanging name into the script.
[02:47:34] <sol> the original uw?
[02:49:24] <servus> Yep!
[02:49:29] <sol> crazy.
[02:49:34] <servus> Turns out microphones weren't invented yet, so they scratched that idea at the end.
[02:49:52] <sol> lol microphones weren't invented huh? :)
[02:50:01] <sol> then how'd they do the voice acting in the beginning? :)
[02:51:59] <servus> Housecalls
[02:52:16] <sol> erm? O.o
[02:52:25] <sol> heh I think you're full of it!
[02:52:35] <sol> could do voice acting on uwadv, but I think it'd ruin it
[03:47:08] <sol> blahh can't even get this compiled :(
[03:47:14] <sol> CVS isn't even in a usable state
[03:47:24] <sol> you're not supposed to leave the tree in an unusable state!!!
[03:57:35] <Sevalecan> microphones definately existed by then :P
[03:58:37] <sol> yea he's just talking trash :)
[04:01:23] <servus> Wishurantymexvasexrel ylemortuus sanctanylem, Anvasantymanrel!
[04:30:22] <-- sol has left IRC (Remote closed the connection)
[07:33:03] <unfo> is sol checking in his configure.ac fix work into CVS every few hours?
[07:33:13] <unfo> i don't want to fix up an old version :)
[07:49:40] <servus> Do either of you have CVS dev access?
[07:55:44] <unfo> servus, no, i'd be glad to get it but i dunno if i'll ever end up actually doing any work. If I do I will post a patch at www.jspiro.com/files and tell u guys on IRC or by email.
[07:55:48] <unfo> anyway gnight
[07:55:53] <servus> Night!
[15:10:22] --> sol has joined #uwadv
[15:12:58] <unfo> sol, are you checking your configure.ac fix work into CVS often?
[15:13:00] <sol> unfo; think you can help me get 0.9-motijo compiling?
[15:13:09] <sol> I don't have CVS access yet
[15:13:17] <unfo> does anyone?
[15:13:25] <sol> yea
[15:13:29] <sol> + I got in contact with vividos
[15:13:34] <unfo> excellent!
[15:13:40] <sol> current CVS is in the middle of the re-write, so I think it'd be best we continue with mojito anyway
[15:13:52] <sol> unless I can figure out current
[15:13:57] <sol> which wouldnt be a bad plan...
[15:14:09] <unfo> mojito is the old and current is the rewrite?
[15:14:34] <sol> mojito is the last release version, current is a rewrite, yes
[15:14:42] <sol> mojito isn't in cvs
[15:14:50] <unfo> how is it being rewritten?
[15:15:05] <unfo> piece by piece and will always still sorta work?
[15:15:11] <unfo> or total incompatible rewrite?
[15:15:38] <sol> it's a total rewrite...it's not even in a compilable state
[15:15:43] <unfo> :(
[15:15:45] <sol> I'm having trouble compiling mojito too :(
[15:16:00] <sol> well, if I can figure out the source and what vividos was doing..I could finish the rewrite
[15:16:02] <unfo> sol, did you try it on linux?
[15:16:04] <sol> but I just don't know enough
[15:16:12] <sol> mojito would probably compile just fine under linux
[15:16:37] <unfo> i say try building it on linux, maybe even on using a ubuntu liveCD or something.
[15:16:40] <sol> there's a problem with autotools that makes it so i cant compile one directory in mojito
[15:16:50] <sol> i dont think there will be a problem making it work on fbsd
[15:16:55] <sol> i think its just an autotools issue
[15:17:02] <sol> sec
[15:17:04] <unfo> sol, what's the cvs checkout command?
[15:17:11] <sol> I wouldn't grab CVS...
[15:17:15] <sol> I would go to the download page
[15:17:18] <sol> and grab 0.9-mojito
[15:17:19] * unfo goes
[15:17:38] <sol> are you in freebsd?
[15:18:19] <unfo> yes
[15:18:20] <unfo> i think i'll just try the mojito win32 installer on wine.
[15:18:29] <sol> that'll work fine :D
[15:18:32] <sol> probably
[15:18:32] <sol> hehe
[15:18:39] <sol> I want to get it compiled under freebsd though
[15:18:45] <sol> anyway, this one directory isn't configuring with autotools
[15:18:50] <unfo> it's not a cheaty thing to do either. best to decide which branch to work on first
[15:18:51] <sol> configure: error: /usr/local/bin/bash './configure' failed for source/base/zziplib
[15:18:54] <sol> useless message :/
[15:19:17] <unfo> what is zziplib?
[15:19:22] <sol> config.status: creating Makefile
[15:19:22] <sol> config.status: error: cannot find input file: Makefile.in
[15:19:32] <sol> don't know, it's one of the directories in the source tree
[15:20:01] <unfo> is there a Makefile.in in that directory?
[15:20:19] <unfo> did you try autoreconf or its, uh, competitor (forgot its name)?
[15:21:54] <unfo> sol, lets move to #gnu for this?
[15:22:58] <sol> sure
[15:23:05] <sol> actually wait
[15:23:06] <sol> no :)
[15:23:06] <sol> lol
[15:23:14] <sol> this is uwadv specific
[15:23:27] <sol> I haven't tried autoreconf (or heard of it) and there's no Makefile.in
[15:23:29] <sol> there's a Makefile.am
[15:23:46] <unfo> lets move to #gnu anyway? :)
[15:23:53] <unfo> they know autostuff better than me.
[15:23:55] <sol> okay
[15:23:58] <unfo> I am rusty and forgetting. :)
[15:44:52] <sol> unfo; okay I got mojito compiling
[15:45:02] <sol> this time by using the default configure, not running autogen
[15:45:19] <unfo> sol, excellent!
[15:45:23] <sol> ./configure "CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/local/include" "CXXFLAGS=-I/usr/local/include"
[15:45:24] <sol> use that btw
[15:45:29] <sol> for freebsd
[15:45:31] <unfo> it builds fine?
[15:45:37] <sol> build and seems to run fine
[15:45:41] <unfo> cool
[15:45:44] <sol> though I'm using vnc on my home system - so I can't test it
[15:45:48] <unfo> someone should mention that on the readme.
[15:45:50] <sol> (it runs, but no GLX)
[15:45:57] <sol> I will, of course! :D
[15:46:11] <sol> but, for now I'd rather horse around with the source
[15:51:45] <sol> you gonna try?
[15:52:04] <sol> you need a SDL & GL libs installed, btw
[15:52:08] <sol> probably LUA as well
[15:55:06] <unfo> I don't have 3d acceleration enabled.
[15:55:10] * unfo goes off to the Handbook
[15:56:35] <sol> that's np
[15:56:50] <sol> you need a few things :) a newer video card I'm sure you already have...
[15:56:57] <unfo> intel 915 iirc
[15:57:02] <unfo> its a laptop.
[15:57:03] <sol> if there's a specific driver for it, I would install that...
[15:57:15] <unfo> let me see what i'm using now
[15:57:20] <sol> in /etc/X11 there's xorg.conf
[15:57:21] <sol> edit that
[15:57:33] <sol> under: Section "module"
[15:57:41] <sol> you should have: Load "glx"
[15:57:45] <sol> and Load "dri" and such
[15:57:46] <sol> :)
[15:58:14] <sol> what's kldstat list for your drivers?
[15:59:11] <unfo> 1 minute, I want to read the handbook section first. :)
[15:59:16] <unfo> thank you but i don't need the help yet
[15:59:36] <unfo> really i want 3d accel for a game fretsonfire. I have no data files for uwadv and don't know if
[15:59:42] <unfo> I want to do any development on it.
[15:59:52] <sol> ah :)
[16:10:39] <sol> I think it'd be a good experience to sink your teeth into it
[16:12:16] <unfo> i think i'd prefer to work on this: http://info.sonicretro.org/Project_Mettrix
[16:12:27] <unfo> i hope to get it working on *nix, and eventually open sourced.
[16:14:00] <unfo> if not that, maybe ReactOS, maybe this...
[16:15:11] <sol> iiinteresting :)
[16:15:32] <sol> I think it'd be better to aim at Wine over ReactOS
[16:16:37] <unfo> ReactOS is cool because it uses a Windows-like shell and start menu.
[16:16:58] <unfo> Also, the procedure for installing software on it is the same as on Windows.
[16:17:21] <unfo> So I think it'll one day be an easier OS than Linux for people to migrate to
[16:17:30] <unfo> ...if it gets enough developers. :)
[16:18:05] <sol> yes, but any advances to wine directly affect it
[16:19:31] <unfo> true. But they are working on additional things, like printing support.
[16:24:01] <sol> yea
[16:24:17] <sol> I still think wine's the best way to help, though, since it helps any other project that comes along
[16:24:22] <sol> having similar goals
[16:24:48] <sol> you could be a liaison between reactos + wine
[16:24:53] <sol> ask what reactos needs worked on
[16:24:56] <sol> and then work on it in wine :)
[16:25:26] <sol> wine is useful to everyone - reactos to a smaller group.
[16:25:53] <unfo> reactos is missing some things which wine can't do though.
[16:26:02] <unfo> e.g. proper printing
[16:26:07] <unfo> But I hear your point. It is a good point.
[16:26:31] <sol> k I'll cut it out :)
[16:42:07] <sol> might be able to use the demo files, btw
[16:42:14] <sol> I'm not sure if it requires the files from the official release
[16:43:15] <unfo> that'd be cool. but I still didn't enable 3d :)
[16:43:27] <sol> you'll figure it out
[16:43:42] <unfo> I will. But I need to look into VoIP services for myself first.
[16:43:52] <sol> k
[17:29:41] --> Cahaan has joined #uwadv