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[08:52:22] <Telemachos> hi
[08:53:53] <Telemachos> I hacked in all the different furniture at the ankh on level 1 and took screenshots (for reference when messing with the 3d-models). Might as well spare you the pain in case you need it:
[08:53:58] <Telemachos> http://www.peroxide.dk/ugck/uworig.htm
[08:54:12] <Telemachos> I'll leave that page up for a while at least...
[08:54:33] <servus> Are the 3D models still being used/wanted?
[08:57:57] <Telemachos> your models? They are for the items that was previously sprites right?
[09:03:14] <servus> No.
[09:03:20] <servus> Everything, I thought.
[09:03:33] <servus> http://geocities.com/russell_figowitz/images/LoW/muffin6.jpg &c.
[09:03:54] * servus shrugs. If you're not interested, just let me know.
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[09:04:55] <Telemachos> gah.. crap ISP.. I should never have switched *grrr*
[09:05:30] <Telemachos> anyway.. making 3d models for *everything* is a cool but also extremely ambitious project I think ;)
[09:05:47] <servus> I already finished.
[09:05:49] * servus shrugs.
[09:06:37] <Telemachos> you made 3d models for approx. 500 objects and 64 npcs ? ;)
[09:06:38] <servus> I also made extremely-high-res door textures, as samples for redos of the wall textures.
[09:07:20] <servus> Telemachos, there aren't that many, really, and the Lotus doesn't count. I have only completed four NPCs because I never got any word back on any of them
[09:08:03] <Telemachos> yeah I know... many of the objecst are placeholder-icons.. anyway, which format did you make them in?
[09:10:21] <servus> and if you're interested.
[09:10:44] <servus> Telemachos, 3DSMax, DXF, WRL, ASC...
[09:10:54] <servus> And Targa texturemaps.
[09:11:50] <Telemachos> I must say, the doors looks good ;)
[09:12:13] <servus> Thanks.
[09:13:11] <Telemachos> it would be really interesting to see a complete new texture-set for UW1. But to plug hi-res doors into a project with the original walls and floors would look wierd
[09:13:31] <servus> Each door took me about half an hour from scratch
[09:13:42] <servus> Wouldn't take too long to redo all the walls and floors
[09:13:55] <servus> However, if you were going to do that, you might as well make new world geometry as well
[09:15:40] <Telemachos> you know, my take on a UW1 engine is maybe a bit more "plugable" than uwadv atm... so if you provided a new texture-set I could plug it in instantly.. as long as the naming was correct
[09:16:09] * servus shrugs
[09:16:17] <servus> I made a UW engine in '94, and that was it for me
[09:16:29] <servus> Engine meaning map viewer :)
[09:16:49] <Telemachos> Yeah I guessed ;)
[09:17:24] <Telemachos> It's not the graphics part thats interesting in UW though.. it's the engine mechanisms... and nostalgia of course
[09:18:24] <Telemachos> So I don't create an UW engine for the graphics.. my "real" engine can handle that part... a remake is for the fun of it and to explore a cool game
[09:18:39] <servus> There's a picture on the back of the box of UW2 that is unreachable.
[09:18:43] <servus> The area simply does not exist.
[09:19:16] <servus> Also, there is character art for speaking to a mouse, and I've tried speaking to every single mouse in that bloody dungeon, especially of course the Gray Rat Cheese King! near the reaper.
[09:23:27] <Telemachos> heh.. they probably intented to include Sherry in UW2 then.. can't remember if it actually appears in it though
[09:24:25] <Telemachos> which picture shows an unreachable area you say?
[09:26:25] <servus> http://mobygames.com/game/covers/gameCoverId,952/gameId,691/ I think it's the bottom picture. I'm not so sure anymore.
[09:36:02] <Telemachos> isn't that a place in the castle in the other dimension? looks like it, but I don't know if it's actually in the game
[09:36:28] <Telemachos> anyway.. gotta go shopping.. bbl
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[09:36:40] <servus> When I made the assertion that it's not in the game, I was pretty well-versed...
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