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[18:23:34] <lorinc> hi :-)
[18:24:49] <lorinc> does uwadv contain all data files necessary to run the game, or do i need the original uw too?
[19:03:29] <wjp> you need the original
[19:10:47] --> lolowan has joined #uwadv
[19:12:17] <lolowan> ?help
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[22:56:24] <ninja138> anyone awake?
[23:14:48] <zarkyb> nope
[23:15:31] * ninja138 smacks zarkyb
[23:15:34] <ninja138> awake now?
[23:15:35] * zarkyb touches ninja138 inappropriately
[23:15:38] <zarkyb> yes
[23:16:13] <ninja138> can you help me on installing UW1 in a WinXP machine?
[23:16:29] <zarkyb> what's the problem?
[23:18:11] <ninja138> well, I run the install script and after choosing the configuration, it gives me a "Problem copying LHA.EXE: 105."
[23:18:31] <zarkyb> hmmm
[23:18:55] <zarkyb> have you tried copying the files over manually?
[23:19:42] <ninja138> well, I tried copying over the directory and then running install, but same error
[23:19:57] <ninja138> I haven't tried copying it over and playing the game yet though
[23:23:34] <zarkyb> you probably won't get sound
[23:23:37] <zarkyb> that's one thing
[23:24:03] <zarkyb> so if you copy it over and try running it, there's no need to run install to set up the sound
[23:25:29] <ninja138> let's see...
[23:29:21] <ninja138> hmmmm, you're right, it plays, but without sound
[23:32:15] <ninja138> pity, the game seems flat without sound
[23:54:16] <zarkyb> yeah
[23:54:24] <zarkyb> it works with dosbox
[23:54:31] <zarkyb> http://dosbox.sourceforge.net
[23:54:42] <zarkyb> but it's slow if you don't have a massively powerful machine
[23:54:55] <ninja138> massively powerful as in a Cray?