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[17:03:32] <Dark-Star> is uwadv cvs supposed to work or is it broken atm?
[17:05:31] * wjp takes a look
[17:07:25] <Dark-Star> I keep getting a crash in the last line of ua_critter::prepare(), because slotlist seems to be uninitialized
[17:13:26] <wjp> hm, things seem to compile here
[17:13:46] <Coren_> What to do, what to do... reimplement a q2 renderer so that I can reuse the multitude of level building tools or implement my own (possibly simpler and certainly better understood by me) bsp system?
[17:14:24] <Dark-Star> wjp: yes, compiling worked for me too... I just cannot run it ;-)
[17:15:08] <wjp> ah :-)
[17:15:42] <wjp> where does it crash?
[17:16:21] <wjp> I can start a new game and walk around a bit
[17:16:32] <Dark-Star> just after loading the critters
[17:16:37] <Dark-Star> hmmm
[17:17:40] <Dark-Star> debugging is very time consuming, loading all critters takes >80 seconds with a debug build :-(
[17:28:36] <Dark-Star> I'm having trouble with MSVC's debugger, it seems to ignore my breakpoints so I can't see where the problem is ...
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