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[14:39:32] <Eldron> hmm..
[14:42:10] <wjp> hmm..?
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[15:22:05] <vividos> hi
[15:23:12] <wjp> hi
[15:25:45] <vividos> hmm, expected a few more people to show up in the channel at the weekend ...
[15:26:27] <vividos> Eldron: could you do a screenshot of your 320x200 4xAA view for me?
[15:27:22] <vividos> (I'm just interested how anti-aliasing looks like)
[15:31:39] <Eldron> yea, just a second..
[15:35:39] <vividos> hehe, we're mentioned on http://www.ag.ru/ag2/ and the topic of the news post is "Eat THIS, Arx Fatalis!" *bg*
[15:36:39] <vividos> hmm, and http://www.travel.ag.ru/news/20021118.shtml has "The Return of Phantom" as topic, what I didn't quite understand
[15:38:10] <wjp> it probably makes sense when you literally translate it into russian :-)
[15:39:07] <vividos> www.translate.ru did a funny but understanding translation of the pages
[15:43:09] <vividos> hehe, uwadv is latest news item at http://linuxgames.com/ and even appeared at http://www.gamespydaily.com/ and http://www.rpgplanet.com/ for a while (not that I have anything to do with that *g*)
[15:44:52] <Eldron> hehe
[15:48:49] <Eldron> http://eldron.20m.com/uwadv-AA.jpg <-- 4xAA at 320x240
[15:49:52] <vividos> looks good
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[15:50:28] <vividos> btw, what's your progres on the gazer?
[15:51:08] <Eldron> nothing atm, I was going to draw a texture today, but never got around it..
[15:52:10] <vividos> ah ok
[16:00:04] <vividos> I'm away, watching voyager :)
[16:00:31] <Eldron> ah.. voyager..
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[17:43:25] * Coren_ wavies.
[17:43:30] * Coren_ is back
[17:44:15] <vividos> hi Coren
[17:44:27] <Coren_> Hiya!
[17:45:15] <Coren_> Heh. Amusing it is, at 320x240. :)
[17:46:01] * Coren_ has 95% working conversation gui in game. I'm probably going to push conversations to CVS tonight.
[17:49:32] * Coren_ requires sustenance and goes to eat.
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[20:24:35] <unverbraucht> hi
[20:25:52] <wjp> hi
[20:31:36] <Dark-Star> hi
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