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[18:46:59] <vividos> hi there
[18:49:01] <wjp> hi
[18:51:15] * vividos thinks about putting a "we're not dead" news post on the web page, just like scummvm
[18:54:33] <wjp> how compilable/linkable is uwadv currently?
[19:11:03] <vividos> I'm currently testing :)
[19:13:03] <vividos> ok links for me, with the newly committed Makefile.common
[19:16:05] <wjp> how about running? :-)
[19:16:24] <vividos> *g*
[19:16:35] <vividos> hold on, some files are not committed yet
[19:16:50] <wjp> whee, merge conflicts in Makefile.common :-)
[19:17:05] <vividos> :)
[19:24:13] <vividos> I'll take out some files from Makefile.common again to fix compiling
[19:27:34] <vividos> ok should work now ... hopefully :)
[19:39:01] <wjp> hm, getting some duplicate definitions while linking
[19:39:22] <wjp> might be some old local modifications
[19:40:59] <wjp> ok, it links now
[19:41:09] <vividos> good
[19:41:10] <wjp> hm, can't find the lua compiler somehow while building the datafile :-)
[19:42:26] <wjp> ok, runs too
[19:42:52] <wjp> hm, cpu goes to 100% after showing the intro screen
[19:44:21] <vividos> could be normal
[19:44:31] <vividos> (since there's no screen to process anymore then)
[19:47:05] <wjp> ok :-)
[19:47:44] <vividos> but now that you mention it, I'm asking myself what uwadv does after the last screen ...
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[20:20:24] <Dominus> hi
[20:22:13] <vividos> hi Dominus
[20:22:44] <vividos> Dominus, code restructuring is still going on btw :)
[20:23:51] <Dominus> he he, so I'll skip on actually grabbing cvs, should give those poor SF servers some breather...
[20:24:03] <Dominus> (wonder if they are done with the switch yet)
[20:24:28] <vividos> the CVS switch?
[20:24:40] <Dominus> yeah
[20:25:22] <vividos> the mail said thursday, but I expect some delays
[20:25:51] <Dominus> ah, thought it had said tuesday :-)
[20:29:16] <vividos> I wonder how they synchronize projects when everyone's constantly checking in
[20:34:20] <vividos> the start menu screen should work again, too
[20:38:09] <vividos> wjp, a question .. where should I put the contents of a .m4 script needed for configuring? append it to the acinclude.m4?
[20:38:50] <wjp> yes, I think so
[20:39:03] <vividos> hmm ok
[20:44:25] <vividos> seems to work
[21:17:22] <vividos> hmm, I'm configuring using --enable-uadebug and --with-wx-prefix, and the options are used for the zziplib configure, too
[21:17:35] <wjp> yes...
[21:17:48] <wjp> haven't found a way to disable that
[21:19:37] <wjp> it isn't causing errors I hope?
[21:19:41] <vividos> ah I remember something in that direction
[21:19:51] <vividos> unfortunaltely it does
[21:19:57] <vividos> configure: configuring in source/base/zziplib
[21:19:57] <vividos> configure: running /bin/sh './configure' --prefix=/usr/local '--enable-uadebug' '--with-wx-prefix=/d/projekte/wxMSW/' --cache-file=/dev/null --srcdir=.
[21:19:57] <vividos> configure: error: invalid feature name: uadebug
[21:19:57] <vividos> configure: error: /bin/sh './configure' failed for source/base/zziplib
[21:20:52] <wjp> strangely that commandline works fine here
[21:21:07] <wjp> I do remember this problem, though
[21:21:13] <wjp> (very vaguely)
[21:21:16] <vividos> me too
[21:21:19] <wjp> can't remember if we ever solved it or how
[21:21:26] <vividos> did you get the latest configure.ac?
[21:22:13] <wjp> I did a cvs update
[21:22:26] <wjp> unless you updated it the last 30 minutes or so?
[21:22:27] <vividos> hmm ...
[21:22:45] <wjp> which autoconf version?
[21:25:33] <vividos> might be some subtle differences between real Linux and mingw-DTK
[21:25:34] <vividos> autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.56
[21:25:47] <wjp> hm, 2.57 here
[21:25:58] <wjp> could be
[21:26:07] <wjp> maybe all the quotes in that commandline are confusing it
[21:26:20] <wjp> although I doubt it
[21:26:36] <vividos> I did remove the quotes and it didn't work
[21:26:49] <wjp> does it work if you manually run ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --enable-uadebug --with-wx-prefix=/d/projekte/wxMSW/ --cache-file=/dev/null --srcdir=.
[21:27:24] <vividos> no
[21:27:40] <wjp> (from source/base/zziplib, I mean)
[21:27:58] <vividos> yes
[21:28:29] <wjp> the strange thing is that that error message comes with the following comment in configure: "# Reject names that are not valid shell variable names."
[21:30:09] <wjp> does it work without the --prefix=/usr/local ?
[21:31:15] <vividos> actually, yes :)
[21:31:29] <wjp> that made it work the last time too :-)
[21:31:35] <wjp> (logs of 20 may 2003)
[21:31:46] <wjp> slightly different error, but same problem
[21:31:50] <vividos> *g* /usr/local doesn't even exist here
[21:32:24] <wjp> can you send me your source/base/zziplib/configure?
[21:33:37] <wjp> twice as big as mine
[21:34:22] <vividos> heh :)
[21:37:41] <wjp> hm, it fails directly at startup?
[21:37:53] <vividos> yes
[21:37:57] <wjp> works fine here
[21:38:24] <wjp> I really don't see how the order of the options could cause this
[21:38:40] <vividos> it's probably a MSYS + MSYS-DTK thing
[21:38:43] <wjp> especially removing an option _in front of_ the --enable-uadebug
[21:39:05] <wjp> might be some weird characters somewhere
[21:39:18] <wjp> feel like experimenting?
[21:40:39] <vividos> hmm ... ok :)
[21:40:54] <vividos> created /usr/local now, but doesn't work still
[21:42:15] <wjp> look for the line in the --enable-* block that echoes "invalid feature name"
[21:42:21] <wjp> { echo "$as_me: error: invalid feature name: $ac_feature" >&2
[21:43:10] <wjp> add an enter after the {
[21:43:19] <wjp> and add the following after the {
[21:43:30] <wjp> echo "$ac_feature" > foo
[21:43:45] <wjp> so it should read
[21:43:50] <wjp> expr "x$ac_feature" : ".*[^-_$as_cr_alnum]" >/dev/null &&
[21:43:55] <wjp> { echo "$ac_feature" > foo
[21:44:00] <wjp> { echo "$as_me: error: invalid feature name: $ac_feature" >&2
[21:44:01] <wjp> etc...
[21:44:09] <wjp> um, without the { in front of that last echo
[21:44:36] <wjp> (this will dump the offending name to a file 'foo' for close inspection)
[21:53:28] <vividos> ok will try
[21:54:56] <vividos> $ cat foo
[21:54:56] <vividos> uadebug
[21:55:22] <wjp> what's the filesize?
[21:56:00] <vividos> of foo?
[21:56:04] <wjp> yeah
[21:56:10] <vividos> 8 byte
[21:56:36] <wjp> 7 bytes and an endline
[21:56:38] <wjp> sounds ok
[21:57:08] <vividos> yes
[21:57:21] <wjp> and if you dump $as_cr_alnum to foo instead of $ac_feature?
[21:57:53] <vividos> $ cat foo
[21:57:53] <vividos> abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789
[21:58:09] <wjp> filesize 63?
[21:58:18] <vividos> yes
[21:58:44] <wjp> strange
[21:59:02] <vividos> what does expr "x$ac_feature" : ".*[^-_$as_cr_alnum]" do?
[21:59:23] <wjp> match the first string against the regexp
[21:59:30] <wjp> what does it return?
[21:59:33] <vividos> 0
[21:59:36] <wjp> expr "xuadebug" : ".*[^-_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789]" && echo foo
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[22:00:47] <wjp> and that one?
[22:01:26] <vividos> the last one? also 0
[22:01:33] <wjp> ok
[22:01:36] <wjp> not very surprising :-)
[22:02:04] <wjp> it checks if there's a character other than -, _, letters or digits in $ac_feature
[22:04:26] <wjp> I really don't get this
[22:04:41] <vividos> me too
[22:04:43] <wjp> I can't really think of a bug that would cause this behaviour either
[22:05:11] <wjp> I can imagine there being a rogue endline in $ac_feature somehow, but not how removing the previous option would fix that
[22:05:41] <wjp> unless there is some strange buffer overflow in msys maybe
[22:06:17] <wjp> it's not like the --prefix=/usr/local option actually does anything other than set a variable
[22:06:35] <vividos> yes
[22:07:39] <wjp> try dumping $prefix to foo instead of $ac_feature or $as_cr_alnum
[22:09:19] <vividos> is /usr/local, as expected
[22:09:33] <wjp> filesize 11?
[22:09:49] <vividos> yes
[22:10:25] <wjp> try running it with --prefix=/something/else
[22:10:53] <wjp> it might be defaulting prefix to /usr/local, although I don't think it does
[22:12:51] <vividos> doesn't work; foo contains what I pass at the cmd line
[22:13:35] <vividos> when I do --prefix without =/stuff, it stops at the next option:
[22:13:35] <vividos> configure: error: invalid package name: wx-prefix
[22:14:02] <wjp> yes, it then takes "--enable-uadebug" as the prefix
[22:15:24] <wjp> https://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=807543&group_id=2435&atid=102435
[22:16:07] <vividos> ah right
[22:16:57] <wjp> this is a pretty recent bug report
[22:17:26] <vividos> yeah; trying latest binutils
[22:17:40] <wjp> didn't work for him though
[22:19:23] <vividos> strange ordering of followups on SF trackers :)
[22:19:48] <wjp> I doubt this is a binutils issue
[22:20:43] <vividos> hah, works!
[22:20:55] <vividos> at least the manual call
[22:21:49] <wjp> which manual call?
[22:21:59] <vividos> ah sorry, that was too fast
[22:22:27] <vividos> the binutils packages doesn't have programs in it that remotely have something to do with autoconf ...
[22:22:36] <vividos> hmm should go to bed
[22:22:48] <wjp> ok, g'night
[22:23:20] <vividos> night!
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[22:25:28] <wjp> what an insane bug
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