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[01:37:34] --> thehawk has joined #uwadv
[01:38:11] <thehawk> There -is- someone alive here!
[01:39:28] <Sevalecan> what?
[01:39:29] <Sevalecan> lies!
[01:39:42] * Sevalecan ducks behind a wall
[01:40:18] <thehawk> We were wondering a bit ago on the Horizons board if the UW Adventures project was still alive.
[01:40:36] <Sevalecan> sure is :)
[01:41:03] <thehawk> Right on!
[01:41:49] <thehawk> Has been a lot of talk lately of Ultima remake projects because of U5:Lazarus nearing completion, and someone asked about UWAdv. So here I am to ask.
[01:43:36] <thehawk> Any news I can take back, or just spread the word that you guys are still alive, and still hard at work? *grins*
[01:45:55] <Sevalecan> hehe, I'm not really a part of the uwadv project -_-', but iirc, vividos has been around now and then updating uwadv
[01:46:14] <Sevalecan> so yeah, at the very least it's still being worked on :)
[01:47:50] <thehawk> *chuckles* Alright. That is a something more than we knew before at least. Mebbie he checks the logs, so he knows there are still interested parties out there who do check the project webpage once in a while.
[01:47:52] <servus> Vividos seems to have been making weekly updates, yes.
[01:48:11] <servus> He's online for a few minutes at a time.
[01:48:23] <servus> Just long enough to update CVS. You might want to check that
[01:48:54] <thehawk> *nods* I am looking thru that now.. Just seeing lots of things aged two years and fifteen months, and such so far.
[01:49:10] <Sevalecan> some 2 weeks in the source directory :)
[01:49:29] <Sevalecan> and less
[01:49:53] <servus> That is the creation date, thehawk
[01:50:06] <servus> (I believe:)
[01:50:32] <thehawk> *chuckles* All this time I thought that was the last modified.
[01:50:39] <thehawk> Anyway, I am off. Thanks guys!
[01:50:41] <Sevalecan> me too ;P
[01:50:46] <servus> I don't know. I do all this stuff from the command line :) good luck!
[01:51:10] <thehawk> <-- waves
[01:51:12] <-- thehawk has left #uwadv ("So longss.")
[01:51:53] <Sevalecan> See, I'm not a complete bum.
[01:51:53] <Sevalecan> ;)
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