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[20:54:12] <QQtis> hey there
[20:54:18] <wjp> hi
[20:54:48] <QQtis> I had disappeared for a while there
[20:54:49] <QQtis> :)
[20:54:59] <wjp> IIRC you remastered some audio tracks, right?
[20:55:10] <QQtis> summer vacation and all
[20:55:25] <QQtis> yeah, I did a few
[20:55:31] <QQtis> I should get back to that
[20:55:32] <wjp> did you talk to Dragst yet?
[20:55:45] <QQtis> I want to buy a new software synth
[20:55:50] <QQtis> no, I haven't
[20:55:55] <QQtis> is he doing that also?
[20:56:07] <wjp> I believe he is, yes
[20:56:21] <QQtis> I'll have to talk to him, then
[20:56:31] * wjp pokes Dragst :-)
[21:08:47] <Dragst> oe
[21:08:59] <QQtis> hi there, Dragst
[21:09:02] <Dragst> yo yo
[21:09:03] <Dragst> what's up
[21:09:37] <QQtis> thinking about continuing the efforts
[21:09:45] <QQtis> to remaster the soundtrack for uw
[21:09:46] <Dragst> hehe
[21:09:54] <Dragst> so why poke me :]
[21:10:10] <wjp> to get your attention, which obviously worked ;-)
[21:10:10] <QQtis> well, wjp says you're doing that also
[21:10:18] <Dragst> yup
[21:10:54] <QQtis> how are you going about it?
[21:12:26] <QQtis> by the way, wjp
[21:12:32] <QQtis> can you give me the parameters
[21:12:42] <QQtis> for cvs checkout of uwadv
[21:12:56] <QQtis> like, for turtoise cvs, for example
[21:12:59] <wjp> I don't think you'll have much luck with current CVS
[21:13:11] <QQtis> oh
[21:13:16] <wjp> I wonder if it compiles currently
[21:13:17] <QQtis> major problems?
[21:13:29] <wjp> no, but vividos has been restructuring a lot
[21:13:34] <QQtis> I played the hot chilli release
[21:13:53] <QQtis> seems cool, but inventory seems to have problems
[21:14:02] <wjp> was that the latest release?
[21:14:07] <QQtis> the bags you pick up are always empty
[21:14:14] <QQtis> although they should have things in em
[21:14:22] <wjp> ah, yes, it is
[21:15:01] <QQtis> and the POV is placed too high, I believe
[21:15:22] <QQtis> but anyways
[21:15:31] <QQtis> the progress looks good
[21:26:54] <QQtis> Dragst
[21:27:05] <QQtis> sorry to bother you, but just interested
[21:27:17] <QQtis> how are you going about remastering the music
[21:27:26] <QQtis> what synths are you using
[21:31:50] <Dragst> he
[21:31:56] <Dragst> you're not bothering :)
[21:32:04] <Dragst> www.draconus.com/dds
[21:32:20] <Dragst> I got some "real" hardware
[21:32:23] <Dragst> roland
[21:32:26] <Dragst> orchestration sets
[21:32:28] <wjp> that's dss
[21:32:30] <wjp> not dds :-)
[21:32:34] <Dragst> true
[21:32:34] <Dragst> :D
[21:32:37] <Dragst> HAHA
[21:32:38] <Dragst> gg.
[21:33:02] <Dragst> it's good that someone knows :)
[21:33:03] <wjp> I like your 404 page :-)
[21:33:07] <Dragst> hehe
[21:33:08] <Dragst> good ;)
[22:00:42] <Dragst> unfortunately, I'm going to catch a burger
[22:00:51] <Dragst> QQtis, try to catch me later and we can talk more :)
[22:18:27] <QQtis> listening to the uw2 stuff
[22:18:31] <QQtis> not bad
[22:20:50] <QQtis> btw, I liked that rap remix :)
[22:21:02] <QQtis> found the link in the logs
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