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[20:05:06] <butterflyTK> hello
[20:06:34] <butterflyTK> i have 2 short questions?
[20:27:32] <servus> Not very busy here, I'm afraid :p
[20:31:13] <butterflyTK> wow cool, there is someone! ;D
[20:31:32] <butterflyTK> I have time too ;)
[20:34:49] <butterflyTK> I just learn c++ again, to write the translation tool for the underworld ultimas. just I am at chapter 7 ;p
[20:35:20] <butterflyTK> in learning c++ in 21 days
[20:36:33] <butterflyTK> my question is simple:
[20:37:35] <butterflyTK> could I use this string... file for that tool?
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[20:40:20] <servus> I'm sorry, use which string file?
[20:40:54] <servus> There should be a tool somewhere in the uwadv source to dump all the conversation files to plain text. I'm not sure if there's a tool to recompile the language files back into the format the game uses.
[20:43:00] <servus> I know that Ultima Underworld 2 was released in German, which I assume is your language. I don't think UW1 was ever released in anything but English and Japanese, so it wouldn't have all the characters needed to display German text.
[20:44:14] <butterflyTK> stringsloader.cpp is it I got adviced to.
[20:44:35] <butterflyTK> such a tool would be helpfull
[20:46:44] <butterflyTK> that could be with thouse characters. I found the spanish and portuguise translation with a character file(s). have to look, if I could show them anyhow
[20:47:31] <butterflyTK> are you fabian?
[20:50:11] <butterflyTK> I thought that I will make one panel with the original, and one with the translation. both syncroniced in viewing
[20:50:14] <servus> I am not. I'm not really familiar with the language side of UWAdv, unfortunately.
[20:50:30] <servus> Are you talking about translating for UWAdv, or for the original UW game?
[20:51:20] <butterflyTK> ah ok. who should I ask?
[20:51:36] <butterflyTK> the original I thought
[20:53:37] <butterflyTK> but if those stringsloader could be used also for uwadv, i could write that too
[20:55:45] <butterflyTK> one told me, at ttlg.com, that I should use the stringsload.ccp for the original
[20:58:31] <butterflyTK> I thought that uwadv uses the same texts ;)
[21:10:04] <butterflyTK> here is the link to ttlg: www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=133424
[21:10:53] <servus> I think Vividos is the main author of UWAdv. I haven't seen him in a long time
[21:12:30] <butterflyTK> hm, I mailed with a fabian already. when I tryed to mail vividos, his email was not exsiting any more?
[21:30:29] <butterflyTK> hm okay, may be this guy was julien from abysmal?
[21:32:08] <servus> Sorry, I don't know. wjp in #exult might know more
[21:32:47] <butterflyTK> okay, thanks! :)
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