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[08:24:09] <sonydx> hello Cahaan
[08:30:39] <Cahaan> hello sonydx
[08:31:48] <sonydx> I'm asking myself, why this room still exists, because I had read that the project is not continued?
[08:31:55] <sonydx> :)
[08:32:14] <Cahaan> good question
[08:32:35] <Cahaan> maybe I just hope somebody will continue it one day :)
[08:33:03] <Cahaan> I'm a big UW fan, that's why I'm sitting here
[08:34:15] <sonydx> what is to do? I like the graphics of ultimas, but my english is too bad to understand them.
[08:36:13] <Cahaan> do you mean "what's the game all about" ?
[08:36:35] <sonydx> so I thought I should write an editor with the english text, and a second with the new target language. simply an en-/decoder, that assists in translating it. the stringsloader.cpp should be a point of start for me
[08:36:52] <Cahaan> oh ok, "what is to be done for the project"
[08:37:02] <sonydx> no, what the unfinished work is?
[08:37:14] <sonydx> yes
[08:37:23] <Cahaan> to be honest I don't really know
[08:37:29] <Cahaan> we should ask the author
[08:38:01] <Cahaan> there should be some contact address on the website I guess
[08:38:03] <sonydx> okay, then you arent a coworker so far
[08:38:08] <Cahaan> nope :)
[08:38:53] <sonydx> I had maild with one of them. I could give you the addy.
[08:39:02] <sonydx> +e
[08:40:47] <Cahaan> cool
[08:40:55] <Cahaan> there's also another project called low
[08:41:17] <Cahaan> which is similar to uwadv but probably more advanced
[08:41:25] <Cahaan> but also abandonned thuogh
[08:43:37] <sonydx> abysmal engine? I'm not shure about what both prj's work for. I just read fast throught the ultima sites, looking for translations mainly.
[08:45:41] <sonydx> the email is: "Fabian Pache <fabian.pache@googlemail.com>
[08:46:18] <sonydx> mine is dudu3k@gx.net or just #shockcfg on twitter.
[08:46:56] <Cahaan> so you too are fan of ultima games
[08:47:04] <sonydx> what do you have as background on programming?
[08:48:59] <sonydx> not jet, I love the grapics since I belive u7, but I only have 8 and 9 in german. and poorly there is a special gfx needed for 9.
[08:49:30] <Cahaan> I've built a MMO from scratch (one that is finished but not enough time to build the levels and stuff)
[08:50:04] <Cahaan> with a dungeonmaster-like engine
[08:50:37] <servus> sonydx: A lot of the Ultimas have been translated into German
[08:50:48] <sonydx> I'm not sure if I should play 8or gothic first ;D I should start with u1 :D
[08:51:25] <servus> 8 is in German for sure
[08:51:36] <servus> Oh you just said that. Heh.
[08:51:48] <sonydx> Cahaan, sounds great! is it on www?
[08:52:51] <servus> Ultima VII is in German as well. Many people consider U7 their favourite Ultima.
[08:52:54] <sonydx> servus, yeah. I only found out, that only uw 2, u8 and u9 re translated?
[08:54:06] <sonydx> ah ok, I shuld try to buy it. iso is the best view ;)
[08:54:19] <Cahaan> sonydx: I put the website offline recently; but gonna show you some screenshots
[08:54:24] <servus> http://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/ultima-vii-the-black-gate/release-info
[08:55:56] <Cahaan> http://darkhaven.free.fr/images/screenshots/dhshot2.jpg
[08:56:31] <Cahaan> http://darkhaven.free.fr/images/screenshots/dhshot3.jpg
[08:57:12] <Cahaan> http://darkhaven.free.fr/images/screenshots/P_shotorc.jpg
[08:57:41] <Cahaan> oops
[08:57:46] <sonydx> Cahaan, okay let's see. did you all the work on your own?
[08:57:53] <Cahaan> http://darkhaven.free.fr/images/screenshots/shotorc.jpg instead
[08:58:21] <Cahaan> I've written the 2D/3D engine, the script engine, editor tools, network engine, IA
[08:58:30] <Cahaan> dialogs engine
[08:58:49] <Cahaan> didn't draw the graphics though :) some friends of mine did that
[08:58:58] <sonydx> servus, I own "the complete ultima 7" not sure if it is allowed the patch it to german ang
[08:59:38] <servus> Hm, well, if you can dig up a German copy of Ultima VII, Exult should be able to play it
[09:01:48] <sonydx> hm, the graphics look funny, never seen such a art before ;)
[09:03:02] <sonydx> servus, yes, I know this. could it be that only blak gate was translated?
[09:04:14] <Cahaan> do you mean that it sucks sonydx? ^^
[09:05:04] <sonydx> Cahaan, never did such things. I only coded twice a blockout game. once the main logic, and later all alone.
[09:06:37] <sonydx> no, its just more art, than design ;D
[09:07:24] <servus> Maybe so, Sony, sorry. I only played Ultima VIII in German, personally.
[09:07:30] <sonydx> never could do such gfx's
[09:09:18] <sonydx> servus, however, I like to tray to code tools, that would make it funy and easy to translat them all ;)
[09:10:20] <sonydx> +n +e
[09:12:14] <sonydx> servus, where are you from? I'm from germany too?
[09:14:53] <sonydx> Cahaan, where did you get all the knowledge about how to code this game?
[09:15:37] <Cahaan> sonydx: reading books
[09:16:03] <servus> I'm Californian. I don't really speak German, sorry.
[09:16:33] <servus> The UWAdv codebase includes code to extract all conversations from Ultima Underworld. Maybe you could do something with that
[09:16:45] <servus> The original game would never be able to support all the non-English characters required, though
[09:17:29] <Cahaan> sonydx: and I had a lot of spare time during my studies
[09:18:34] <sonydx> Cahaan, yeah, thats the point I should start also ;) I tryed studying cs, but I should better concentrate on drawings.
[09:19:42] <sonydx> what did you studied? sorry for my bad english! languages are not my field of knowledge.
[09:21:07] <Cahaan> computer science
[09:21:29] <sonydx> servus, you have a name, that means in east-south of germany a 'hello' ;)
[09:21:56] <Cahaan> but I started with law and then switched to cs
[09:22:12] <Cahaan> I started programming when I was still studying law
[09:22:24] <Cahaan> how old are you btw?
[09:23:13] <sonydx> I had read first te format specs, and then this code of uwadv and after that aby's code of that task.
[09:24:47] <sonydx> kid born 76's ;) just 34 or 35
[09:27:38] <sonydx> servus, I understood, moste of awadv code. and after checked bach to my old c++ sccccript, I realized, that code of abys is just the second syntax of c++?
[09:29:31] <sonydx> Cahaan, did you finished cs so far? I gave it up for my self.
[09:33:16] <sonydx> my health asn't okay, and I ever tryed to know everything, but there was not enougth time for that.
[09:35:16] <sonydx> I don't know, if I should read the wiki articles about tree's, to get a working knowledge, that will let me code this tool.
[09:38:26] <sonydx> I think this now, because I had heard a student asking, where to find the main does and don'ts about trees.
[09:44:52] <servus> I didn't know that, sonydx. Your English seems fine - certainly enough to get through an Ultima. I learned lots of words from Ultimas, myself :)
[09:45:30] <servus> I'm not sure what you mean by " code of abys is just the second syntax of c++", though. Are you talking about the UWAdv source code?
[09:46:28] <servus> It's written in C++, if I recall. The original UW games were written in C++ as well. In the original games, the conversations are handled through a script system built specifically for the games.
[09:47:25] <sonydx> uwadv is just like delphi i mean. abys is the syntax with brackets like (ptr)
[09:49:43] <sonydx> but I'm not really sure about this. its a long time ago. in the last years, I coded shochcfg in java. abys == abysmal.sourceforge.net
[09:54:37] <servus> Sorry, I'm not sure. Both uwadv and Ultima Underworld were written in C++.
[09:57:17] <sonydx> I'm only a little satisfying in technical english. got a 3.3 of 1 - 6 on the university of applied science, stuiying software engineering. at scool my english was most time between 4-5. that means enougth-unsetisfying.
[09:59:02] <sonydx> yes, I mindd to use also c++, and it is needed to take a look back at this, if I want understand the two projects.
[10:00:11] <sonydx> after that, java would do it also, and that is my actual knowledge best enougth. but I will seen. ;)
[10:00:21] <sonydx> -n
[10:01:34] <sonydx> may be java is better, because I dont have any knowledge of visual c++
[10:04:37] <sonydx> I have tryed uw1 and uw2 on dosbox, and for my short run, there were no problems.
[10:10:02] <servus> Yeah, they run great in Dosbox
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