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[22:31:37] <wjp> hi
[22:32:13] <vividos> hi
[22:43:40] * vividos 's looking forward to the german translation of uwadv :)
[22:43:48] <wjp> :-)
[22:43:53] <Servus> hehe
[22:43:57] <Servus> jammet?
[22:44:05] * wjp nods
[22:44:07] <vividos> yes
[22:44:09] <Servus> do you still want models?
[22:44:29] <vividos> if you could incorporate them into uwadv, too :))
[22:44:34] <Servus> seems like development on this thing has really been stalled :(
[22:44:43] <Servus> what about the working muffin?
[22:44:47] <Servus> do you want some skeletal deformation code?
[22:45:35] <vividos> the models in the release version of uwadv were really small - didn't find out what the reason for this is
[22:45:42] <vividos> what is skeletal deformation?
[22:46:03] <vividos> development on uwadv hasn't stalled - just check out the "dev log"
[22:46:26] <wjp> vividos just wasn't here for a couple of weeks
[22:46:43] <vividos> no IRC != no work on uwadv :)
[22:46:46] <Servus> ah
[22:47:11] <Servus> well skeletal deformation is making a model with a skeleton inside walk around, with the skeleton moving the vertices properly... like in half-life or quake3
[22:47:33] <Servus> im working on an engine of my own:)
[22:48:13] <vividos> would be suitable for a critter, right?
[22:48:49] <Servus> yep, especially for humanoids with complex animations
[22:49:41] <Servus> quake2 doesnt use a skeletal system for the human models... each different frame of animation is saved as an entire set of vertices in the model... this wastes space, makes it harder to animate, and more importantly, makes animations artificially choppy
[22:50:54] <Servus> quake3/half-life use a skeletal system for the human models (and all models, rather), each model is only saved as a single frame, with a skeleton ( a set of vectors referencing what would be each bone in a human body ), and then just the bones move each frame, and the vertices that were originally around the bone move with it; this cuts down greatly on storage space, makes it easier to program in the longrun, and allows for
[22:51:11] <Eldron-> q3 uses skeletal animation?
[22:51:25] <wjp> (text cut off? "...and allows for")
[22:51:46] <Servus> and allows for infinitely smooth animations
[22:51:46] <Servus> <Eldron-> q3 uses skeletal animation?
[22:51:49] <Servus> shoot
[22:52:08] <Servus> let me send you a sample? :-)
[22:52:23] <vividos> image sample?
[22:52:41] <Servus> skeletal model viewer + a sample model
[22:52:48] <vividos> ok, if it's not that large
[22:52:51] <Servus> http://www.swissquake.ch/chumbalum-soft/files/hlmv125.zip here's the viewer
[22:53:32] <vividos> is it a halflife format viewer?
[22:53:51] <Servus> and the model
[22:53:59] <Servus> yes it's the half-life model viewer
[22:54:07] <Servus> but it lets you see bones and how they work, quite clearly
[22:54:52] <vividos> ah nice
[22:55:49] <Servus> get the model on my server?
[22:55:59] <Servus> click the "view bones" checkbox
[22:56:43] <vividos> yes
[22:57:19] <vividos> looks very good
[22:57:52] <Servus> well its opensource(the model viewer is)
[23:01:00] <vividos> now someone has to do the critter models and incorporate the viewer into uwadv
[23:02:28] <Servus> hehe, i was assuming youd just do it from scratch with the model viewer as a /reference/ :-p
[23:03:31] <vividos> :-)
[23:04:34] <Servus> im doing work on terrain visualizations -- i always wanted to go outside of the Goblin Tower and see that damned desert! :-)
[23:04:55] <vividos> hmm, goblin tower? which game?
[23:05:07] <Eldron-> uw2?
[23:05:32] <wjp> uw2's prison tower, I would guess
[23:06:11] <Servus> well, yes
[23:08:38] <vividos> ah
[23:11:04] <wjp> I should go; night
[23:11:09] <vividos> night wjp
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[23:11:41] <vividos> ah, the hlmv package did install the source
[23:12:32] <Servus> hehe
[23:12:40] <Servus> as you can see, it even includes hitboxes
[23:13:50] <Eldron-> yay, scoring headshot on a giant!
[23:14:07] <Servus> lol
[23:14:10] <Eldron-> using a sling :)
[23:14:16] <Servus> *pats david on the head*
[23:14:46] <vividos> heh
[23:17:01] <Servus> Spock: Your Feces are ILLOGICALLY DELICIOUS!
[23:19:35] <vividos> hmm, should go to bed now. I'll look at the mdl viewer source code. night!
[23:21:25] <Servus> bye
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