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[09:48:49] <SHODAN> ESphynx, no. i'm a .. let's call it.. a competitor
[09:49:10] <SHODAN> (Abysmal Engine)
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[10:36:38] <ESphynx> SHODAN: got disconnected... I just started my own UW engine on Sunday :P
[10:36:49] <ESphynx> though I've been wating to do this for 20 years :P
[10:37:04] <SHODAN> yet another one? :) cool
[10:37:06] <SHODAN> good luck
[10:37:09] <ESphynx> hehe thanks
[10:37:18] <ESphynx> I got the basic level loading going
[10:37:27] <ESphynx> and just put together some collision detection
[10:37:38] <SHODAN> nice
[10:38:41] <SHODAN> what language are you using?
[10:40:50] <ESphynx> SHODAN: eC
[10:40:55] <ESphynx> http://ec-lang.org
[10:41:30] <ESphynx> and the Ecere SDK... a cross-platform graphics engine / GUI toolkit / input / networking library etc.
[10:41:30] <ESphynx> Started Ecere SDK as game engine in 1996
[10:41:31] <ESphynx> and I designed eC in 2004 :P
[10:41:35] <ESphynx> SHODAN: http://ecere.com/tmp/uw01.jpg
[10:44:44] <SHODAN> that's ambitious
[10:45:26] <ESphynx> it was indeed hehe
[10:47:22] <ESphynx> next step I think I'll add doors hehe
[10:47:43] <ESphynx> though I sadly got to put this fun project aside to work on other things :(
[10:51:44] <SHODAN> parsing underworld models is a bunch of fun
[10:51:58] <SHODAN> it's not like they made it easy
[10:52:28] <SHODAN> it's a bit more flexible than today's opengl though :)
[10:53:13] <ESphynx> SHODAN: Yeah I was looking at those specs
[10:53:22] <ESphynx> I'm guessing I'll need that to add the bridges :P
[10:53:35] <ESphynx> all in the executables eh?
[10:53:46] <ESphynx> And stored as BSP trees?
[10:54:43] <ESphynx> how is it more flexible?
[10:55:22] <SHODAN> i was thinking of the way they have a dsl for drawing a 3d model
[10:55:45] <SHODAN> and not directly storing vertices and all that
[10:56:31] <ESphynx> Is it really a DSL?
[10:57:37] <ESphynx> models will be nice.
[11:00:07] <SHODAN> kind of. very very basic i'll admit, but still :)
[11:00:25] <ESphynx> hehe
[11:00:34] <ESphynx> So what's missing for your own clone to be playable?
[11:00:51] <ESphynx> it seems quite advanced? I thought all projects had stalled :)
[11:01:03] <SHODAN> playable?
[11:01:08] <ESphynx> You know they're making Underworld Ascending now right?
[11:01:18] <SHODAN> yep.
[11:01:20] <SHODAN> <- proud backer
[11:01:24] <ESphynx> cool
[11:01:38] <ESphynx> I didn't realize that was happening until this weekend :)
[11:01:51] <ESphynx> Yeah, playable? :P
[11:02:03] <SHODAN> well..
[11:02:41] <SHODAN> a lot needs to be done for it to be playable
[11:02:54] <ESphynx> hehe like what?
[11:03:02] <ESphynx> any start on the conversation / quest stuff?
[11:03:35] <SHODAN> no, just some basic traps/triggers
[11:03:50] <ESphynx> ah nice, where are those stored?
[11:04:26] <ESphynx> 0180-019f Traps
[11:04:27] <ESphynx> ah ;)
[11:04:33] <SHODAN> yes
[11:04:35] <ESphynx> as objects
[11:04:55] <SHODAN> i added the teleport trap just to be able to get to the next level
[11:05:28] <SHODAN> it's been years since i did anything though
[11:05:35] <ESphynx> 0181 ... is that the staircases?
[11:06:04] <SHODAN> yes
[11:06:15] <ESphynx> nice
[11:06:23] <ESphynx> trap chaining, that's cool
[11:06:37] <SHODAN> along with a 01a0
[11:06:41] <ESphynx> so are you still working on it?
[11:06:45] <SHODAN> "move trigger"
[11:06:54] <SHODAN> proximity trigger might be a better name
[11:07:24] <ESphynx> ah
[11:07:42] <SHODAN> i try to sometimes, but reverse engineering the binary is a bit drudgy
[11:07:52] <SHODAN> and having three kids and a full time job does not help :)
[11:08:18] <ESphynx> hehe yeah
[11:08:33] <ESphynx> isn't it mostly all detailed in those specs out there by now? :P
[11:08:44] <SHODAN> no
[11:09:02] <ESphynx> ah, stuff missing? :P
[11:09:59] <SHODAN> indeed. the docs give a very good overview, but as soon as you need to implement something you need to have more details than what is described in the docs
[11:10:26] <ESphynx> I sort of realized that trying to get the basic map going :P
[11:11:22] <ESphynx> though I am thrilled with the results hehe
[11:11:33] <SHODAN> yea it looks good
[11:12:02] <SHODAN> but unfortunately the level rendering is the easy part
[11:12:30] <ESphynx> I imagine that :P
[11:12:34] <ESphynx> what's tough? the models?
[11:13:50] <SHODAN> nah you can have a look at abysmal for that
[11:14:04] <SHODAN> there are some fun stuff there though
[11:14:16] <SHODAN> doors for example are harder than expected
[11:14:16] <ESphynx> yeah I'll surely have fun there sometime
[11:14:17] <SHODAN> :)
[11:14:27] <ESphynx> opening them?
[11:14:34] <ESphynx> or just rendering the closed doors hehe
[11:14:38] <SHODAN> both
[11:14:40] <ESphynx> they are likely next on the list :P
[11:14:49] <SHODAN> we only have closed doors so far
[11:15:21] <SHODAN> that was one of the things i had to reverse to understand
[11:15:36] <SHODAN> there was an "opcode" missing in the model interpreter
[11:15:57] <ESphynx> so doors are both textures and models?
[11:16:07] <ESphynx> texture only when closed?
[11:16:17] <SHODAN> no they're models
[11:16:25] <ESphynx> they stick out of the wall?
[11:16:27] <ESphynx> I don't remember
[11:16:41] <SHODAN> yep they are proper 3d models
[11:16:55] <ESphynx> ah ok... even the staircase to next levelb?
[11:17:02] <ESphynx> because I realized it doesn't show now
[11:17:06] <SHODAN> no they're textures
[11:17:21] <SHODAN> well objects perhaps
[11:17:29] <SHODAN> i haven't looked into that part much
[11:18:00] <ESphynx> hehe
[11:19:08] <SHODAN> anyway, they are flat textures. not 3d models
[11:19:33] <ESphynx> the staircases?
[11:19:40] <ESphynx> or the doors, or both ? :P
[11:20:14] <SHODAN> stairs
[11:20:15] <ESphynx> 'cause the levels has a door texture map
[11:20:25] <ESphynx> and I figured the stairs would be there, but doors as well?
[11:21:04] <SHODAN> the wall directly above a door is a bit special too iirc
[11:21:43] <SHODAN> heck. everything is a bit special :)
[11:21:49] <ESphynx> hehe yeah
[11:28:03] <ESphynx> https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?14335-Ultima-Underworld-VR-Remake -- hmm I need graphics like these :)
[11:29:56] <SHODAN> that would be Underworld Ascendant
[11:30:28] <ESphynx> I don't think it is?
[11:30:39] <ESphynx> this is this guy's remake of the original
[11:30:41] <ESphynx> https://mrob76u.wordpress.com/
[11:31:00] <SHODAN> nah, but it's gonna be underworld with fancy graphics
[11:31:04] <SHODAN> that's what i meant
[11:31:21] <ESphynx> hehe yeah well I know that's what it will be
[11:31:28] <ESphynx> but it won't be the original game :P
[11:31:52] <ESphynx> I'd like to see a proper remake as well :)
[11:32:07] <ESphynx> with state of the art graphics and stuff
[11:32:43] <ESphynx> UnrealEngine is pretty awesome :P
[11:35:42] <SHODAN> yea that'd be cool
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