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[01:32:26] <violen> arf
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[18:42:29] <vividos> hi Dark-Star
[18:42:59] <Dark-Star> hi
[18:43:41] * Dark-Star just came back from a week of learning snowboarding in Austria . . .
[18:46:03] * Dark-Star managed to kill his kneecap on the last day, and not even while standing on a snowboard :-(
[18:48:26] <vividos> that's bad
[18:48:56] <vividos> did you at least learn to snowboard?
[18:52:05] <Dark-Star> yes, quite well. It's not that hard, because if _I_ can learn it, almost everyone can :-)
[18:53:14] <vividos> heh :) learnt it last winter season, too
[18:53:17] <vividos> how's Exfinity coming along?
[18:57:06] <Dark-Star> Didn't do much lately. Mostly hacked up some SDL stuff
[18:57:21] <Dark-Star> now I can scroll over the areas in a window :)
[18:57:52] <Dark-Star> although I had (and still have) a lot of trouble with 800x600 fullscreen mode
[18:58:33] <Dark-Star> AND I found out that MSVC7 Optimizations do some nasty stuff to the code which basically breaks everything...
[18:59:42] <vividos> read somewhere about code corruption, but don't remember exactly ... use mingw :)
[19:00:00] <Dark-Star> for example if I try to read a 4-byte ID (using basically exult's readUInt32() function), 'optimized' code reads the ID as big endian, while 'non-optimized' code reads it (correctly) as little endian
[19:00:29] <Dark-Star> guess how long it took me to figure out what exactly was causing this :)
[19:02:32] <vividos> heh :)
[19:06:22] <Dark-Star> btw, there's a screenshot at http://exfinity.sourceforge.net/ but it's everything but spectacular :)
[19:09:11] <vividos> cool shot!
[21:38:26] <vividos> got to go, bye!
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