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[20:57:57] <sol> hello :)
[20:59:21] <Leo75> hi
[20:59:37] <sol> whats up?
[21:00:18] <Leo75> not much
[21:00:28] <Leo75> it's been a while since i last connected to the irc
[21:00:33] <Leo75> just working around ;)
[21:01:07] <sol> ahh
[21:01:13] <sol> this project is dead ;(
[21:01:20] <sol> I've been trying to figure out the source and correct issues as I find them
[21:01:29] <sol> not yet sure if I'll be able to take it on still
[21:01:33] <sol> lots to figure out :)
[21:02:07] <Leo75> ah
[21:02:12] <Leo75> really ? that's too bad..
[21:02:21] <Leo75> but that's not surprising though..
[21:08:16] <sol> yea it sucks :(
[21:09:01] <Leo75> ah..
[21:09:11] <Leo75> what was the status of the engine ?
[21:57:19] <sol> partially rewritten :/
[21:57:59] <Leo75> ah, i see...
[21:58:11] <Leo75> i remember i tried it, but it was years ago...
[21:58:20] <Leo75> and you're trying to fix/finish it ?
[22:26:48] <sol> I'd like to
[22:26:56] <sol> it's a lot to jump into especially without the original devs around
[22:27:13] <sol> I'm not that great at tracking down these segfaults :/
[22:27:21] <sol> ive figured out some stuff that was written pretty poorly
[22:33:14] <sol> but this is in 0.9mojito - cvs might have this stuff fixed
[22:33:24] <sol> but i need to understand the source before i can figure out wtf the rewrite was about
[23:05:03] <Leo75> yes, i see...
[23:05:10] <Leo75> did you try to contact the original authors ?
[23:05:18] <Leo75> what's your experience in programming ?
[23:23:02] <sol> I've talked to wjp - doesn't seem to have worked much on it
[23:23:14] <sol> got a hold of vividos but he wasn't of any help :)
[23:23:26] <sol> I'm not a solid C/C++ coder
[23:23:46] <sol> but I understand all the concepts (I'm a very strong x86 assembly programmer...)
[23:24:06] <sol> I also use various other similar languages like php/perl/etc
[23:24:30] <sol> I've done some commits for other C++ projects, but never had any need to understand the entire project before
[23:24:45] <sol> or needed to use any debuggers
[23:24:48] <sol> so this is a big leap for me :)
[23:26:17] <Leo75> ok, i see ;)
[23:26:28] <sol> you gonna try your hand in it?
[23:26:41] <Leo75> i'm afraid not..
[23:27:01] <Leo75> i did some c/c++ work some time ago but now i've completely switched to web development/design..
[23:28:08] <sol> ah :)
[23:28:17] <sol> php? :D
[23:29:04] <Leo75> php, html, css, flash, and a bit of ps :)
[23:29:28] <sol> ps?
[23:29:46] <Leo75> photoshop ;)
[23:29:49] <sol> ahh
[23:29:50] <sol> I use gimp :D
[23:31:26] <Leo75> ok :)
[23:34:22] <Leo75> i'd better go now...
[23:34:42] <Leo75> don't know what time it is in your country... but here it's 01:34am ;)
[23:49:41] <sol> k take care
[23:49:43] <sol> im in canada, 4:50 pm
[23:49:45] <sol> ;D