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[11:30:46] <Telemachos> hi there
[11:32:05] <wjp> hi
[11:34:56] <wjp> hm, I need to go; bye
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[13:25:21] <Telemachos> hm
[15:09:41] <Eldron-> rather silent in here
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[22:22:59] <DarkIllusion> hey eldron!!
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[22:26:56] <DarkIllusion> wjp!!
[22:27:03] <DarkIllusion> how have u been? long time no talk. :)
[22:27:32] <wjp> hi
[22:27:41] <wjp> busy-ish :-)
[22:28:45] <DarkIllusion> u are? with the ultima project?
[22:28:49] <DarkIllusion> how has everything been going?
[22:29:02] <wjp> no, with RL :-)
[22:29:18] <DarkIllusion> RL?
[22:29:30] <wjp> Real Life(TM)
[22:29:34] <DarkIllusion> lol
[22:29:50] <DarkIllusion> oooo, UWAdv supports level changing now
[22:29:53] <DarkIllusion> that is kewl
[22:34:10] <DarkIllusion> um... could you do something really quick for me plz?
[22:34:12] <DarkIllusion> :)
[22:34:17] <wjp> depends :-)
[22:34:43] <DarkIllusion> is C code platform dependent?
[22:34:49] <wjp> depends :-)
[22:35:05] <wjp> it doesn't have to be
[22:35:34] <DarkIllusion> could u take a look at this for me?
[22:35:47] <DarkIllusion> i have the compiled product
[22:35:51] <DarkIllusion> but it isn't an exe
[22:35:54] <DarkIllusion> which is interesting
[22:36:37] <DarkIllusion> please just compile it and see why it doesnt work
[22:36:44] <DarkIllusion> or maybe it does but my compilers just suck
[22:37:30] <wjp> compiles for me
[22:37:50] <DarkIllusion> into an exe format?
[22:37:58] <wjp> I don't use windows
[22:38:01] <wjp> so, no
[22:38:07] <DarkIllusion> hmm...
[22:38:10] <DarkIllusion> how could i run it?
[22:38:14] <wjp> compile it :-)
[22:38:21] <DarkIllusion> but i get 28 errors!
[22:38:31] <wjp> with which compiler?
[22:39:01] <DarkIllusion> dev-c++
[22:39:03] <DarkIllusion> hmm...
[22:39:21] <DarkIllusion> and using gcc
[22:39:32] <wjp> did you link with the math library?
[22:39:38] <DarkIllusion> 390 c:\rooms.c
[22:39:39] <DarkIllusion> warning: no semicolon at end of struct or union
[22:39:56] <DarkIllusion> how would i link it with the math library?
[22:40:17] <DarkIllusion> sorry to take up ur time. :(
[22:40:18] <wjp> nvm, that's only for the link part
[22:40:26] <wjp> this is a compile-time warning
[22:40:39] <DarkIllusion> 862 c:\rooms.c
[22:40:40] <DarkIllusion> `M_PI' undeclared here (not in a function)
[22:40:53] <DarkIllusion> is this M_PI part of the math library?
[22:41:24] <wjp> on line 276 there's an 'ifdef linux'
[22:41:31] <wjp> try removing that line, and the 'endif' line below that
[22:42:10] <wjp> oh, better remove the O_BINARY line too
[22:42:50] <DarkIllusion> 277 c:\rooms.c
[22:42:50] <DarkIllusion> warning: `O_BINARY' redefined
[22:42:51] <DarkIllusion> lol
[22:42:52] <DarkIllusion> ok
[22:43:13] <DarkIllusion> 862 c:\rooms.c
[22:43:13] <DarkIllusion> `M_PI' undeclared here (not in a function)
[22:43:20] <DarkIllusion> what is this M_PI?
[22:43:28] <wjp> pi :-)
[22:43:39] <wjp> I think you can just define it at the top
[22:44:04] <wjp> #define M_PI 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751
[22:44:06] <wjp> or something :-)
[22:44:27] <DarkIllusion> thanx. i was just going to get a calc. heheheh
[22:44:56] <DarkIllusion> ya
[22:44:59] <DarkIllusion> it compiled
[22:45:07] <DarkIllusion> but it has all these linker problems
[22:45:13] <wjp> sin, cos, etc..?
[22:45:19] <DarkIllusion> c:\rooms.c: In function `describeTexture':
[22:45:19] <DarkIllusion> c:\rooms.c:1285: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast
[22:45:38] <DarkIllusion> rooms.c: undefined reference to `stpcpy'
[22:46:09] <DarkIllusion> I've actually never seen stpcpy before.
[22:46:17] <DarkIllusion> strcpy
[22:46:18] <wjp> hm, stpcpy is a very non-standard function
[22:46:29] <DarkIllusion> what does it do?
[22:46:32] <DarkIllusion> stopcopy
[22:46:39] <DarkIllusion> stripcopy
[22:46:46] <wjp> stpcpy is strcpy, but it returns a pointer to the terminating \0 of dest
[22:47:15] <DarkIllusion> i thought the pointer would already be at the end
[22:47:32] <wjp> strcpy returns dest
[22:47:41] <DarkIllusion> yupz
[22:47:43] <wjp> stpcpy returns a pointer to the terminating \0 of dest
[22:47:44] <DarkIllusion> hmm...
[22:48:27] <DarkIllusion> itz the code which sets the end of the model file in the packed data
[22:48:35] <DarkIllusion> and marks the start of the next one?
[22:48:50] <wjp> char* stpcpy (char* dest, const char* src) { strcpy(dest, src); return dest + strlen(dest); }
[22:49:05] <DarkIllusion> where do i put this?
[22:49:32] <wjp> oh, anywhere
[22:50:27] <DarkIllusion> anywhere??
[22:50:35] <wjp> well, not _anywhere_...
[22:50:54] <wjp> how about line 957? (right above the #ifdef __BORLANDC__)
[22:51:18] <wjp> (line number is probably slightly different for you if you removed those lines earlier)
[22:52:46] <wjp> (note that this quick-and-dirty stpcpy really isn't suitable for any kind of 'real' use :-) )
[22:53:42] <DarkIllusion> yikes. a lot of errors now
[22:53:50] <DarkIllusion> maybe i made a booby change somewhere
[22:57:27] <DarkIllusion> wow! you are amazing!
[22:58:09] <DarkIllusion> wjp!!!! Thankyou!!
[22:58:19] <wjp> np :-)
[22:58:44] <DarkIllusion> and also, you wouldnt happen to know what ELF is would you? lol
[22:59:03] <wjp> elf is the binary format linux uses
[22:59:11] <DarkIllusion> aaaarg
[22:59:15] <DarkIllusion> linux stuff again. lol
[22:59:39] <DarkIllusion> maybe i should just install linux on my system
[22:59:45] <wjp> :-)
[23:00:36] <DarkIllusion> i wonder if vividos is coming around today
[23:00:49] <DarkIllusion> i have to beg him to do the map3ds for uw2 again today
[23:00:50] <DarkIllusion> lol
[23:00:57] <wjp> don't know, but it already is kind of late (midnight)
[23:00:59] <DarkIllusion> we are up to lvl 8 of the abyss!
[23:01:12] <DarkIllusion> :(
[23:55:30] <-- DarkIllusion has left IRC ("When I press ALT-F4 I quit how about you? Try it and find out?")