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[16:36:17] <QQtis> hello
[16:47:05] <QQtis> I have been trying to compile your most recent code with msvc6, without much success
[16:47:59] <QQtis> the libraries seem to be compatible, but msvc is not very flexible with regard to makefiles
[16:48:21] <QQtis> or maybe I'm just a little rusty - it's been a while since I worked with code :)
[16:48:37] <QQtis> any advice you coudl give me?
[16:53:48] <wjp> sorry, I don't know anything about msvc :-)
[16:54:47] <QQtis> what platform do you guys work on?
[16:54:50] <QQtis> Linux?
[16:55:00] <wjp> I use Linux, yes
[16:55:10] <wjp> vividos mainly uses windows
[16:55:54] <QQtis> ah, so he might be using a Windows-based compiler, no?
[16:56:04] <wjp> yes :-)
[16:56:22] <wjp> IIRC, it should work in msvc
[16:56:43] <wjp> but the supplied dsw/dsp files don't work?
[16:57:28] <QQtis> iirc?
[16:57:46] <QQtis> well - not with msvc6
[16:58:16] <wjp> iirc = if I remember correctly
[16:58:34] <QQtis> :)))
[16:58:55] <wjp> time for dinner; I'll bbl
[16:59:13] <QQtis> ok - thanks for qanswering my lame questions
[16:59:17] <QQtis> :)
[17:37:27] * wjp is back
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[22:19:11] <vividos> hi
[22:21:14] <vividos> <reading the logs> msvc files should work, but there may be missing files, e.g. for SDL or zlib and such
[22:25:13] <vividos> http://sourceforge.net/projects/uw2rev/
[22:30:49] <Gegutinas> howdy
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[22:31:07] <vividos> dforger, the project leader offered some help on the uw-formats.txt, btw
[22:31:11] <vividos> hi QQtis
[22:31:37] <QQtis> recently found out about your project
[22:31:50] <vividos> how?
[22:32:04] <QQtis> just by google search for UW stuff
[22:32:16] <QQtis> have been a fan of teh game since 10 years old
[22:32:34] <QQtis> very exciting to see something being done with it
[22:33:52] <QQtis> I would like to contribute in some way, if it was possible
[22:35:47] <vividos> help is always welcome!
[22:35:49] <QQtis> unfortunately I changed my studies from programming to history about a year ago, so I am of no use as far as coding is concerned
[22:35:51] <QQtis> :)
[22:36:19] <vividos> but you did have programming before you changed?
[22:36:28] <QQtis> yes - I am familiar with C++
[22:37:01] <vividos> that's sufficient :)
[22:37:13] <QQtis> but haven't really done any work with win32 programs
[22:37:42] <vividos> well, uwadv is os independent, SDL is doing all platform specific things for us
[22:38:09] <QQtis> yeah, so I see, but I have trouble compiling the whole thing in windows
[22:38:16] <QQtis> using msvc 6
[22:38:28] <vividos> ok, what error messages appear?
[22:38:31] <QQtis> doesn't seems to handle the provided makefiles too well
[22:38:51] <QQtis> well, to start with - coudl you tell me which project file I should load?
[22:39:13] <QQtis> or should I do it from command line with nmake?
[22:39:29] <vividos> ok, just "open workspace" the uwadv.dsw in the top dir
[22:39:41] <QQtis> hm... alright
[22:40:05] <wjp> hi vividos
[22:40:19] <vividos> hi wjp :)
[22:40:40] <wjp> re. uw2rev: interesting :-)
[22:41:04] <vividos> did you try the other uw2 remake yet?
[22:41:17] <wjp> it looks kind of win32 only, doesn't it?
[22:41:18] <vividos> QQtis: do you have the SDL libs yet?
[22:41:32] <vividos> wjp: this one? yes
[22:41:33] <QQtis> ok a dialog come sup saying the file was not created with developer studio and that it's going to create a new project to wrap teh makefile
[22:41:52] <vividos> hmm, the uwadv.dsw ?
[22:42:11] <QQtis> yes, hm....
[22:42:11] <vividos> how did you get the source? WinCVS?
[22:42:15] <QQtis> that shouldn't happen, huh?
[22:42:21] <vividos> no :)
[22:42:27] <QQtis> the compressed download not CVS
[22:42:38] <QQtis> butterfinger
[22:42:38] <vividos> the "butterfinger" release?
[22:42:41] <vividos> ah ok
[22:42:59] <QQtis> should I get CVS instead?
[22:43:00] <wjp> we should probably do two source releases, shouldn't we?
[22:43:14] <vividos> QQtis: for now it should be sufficient
[22:43:33] <vividos> wjp: for the two systems?
[22:43:38] <QQtis> but why does it not work?
[22:44:03] <wjp> vividos: yeah
[22:44:04] <vividos> works well for me ...
[22:44:13] <QQtis> hm....
[22:44:16] <vividos> with what program did you unpack the tar.gz file?
[22:44:37] <wjp> that is, if the endlines are the problem. If not, forget I said anything :-)
[22:44:58] <QQtis> hm... endlines shouldint be a problem for windows, I think
[22:45:05] <vividos> wjp: I think the dsw file was checked in using -kb, so it should be no problem
[22:45:58] <wjp> hm, yes, you're right
[22:46:06] * wjp hadn't noticed that yet :-)
[22:47:01] <wjp> not all the .dsp's are -kb, though
[22:47:26] <vividos> hmm, should be no problem, but we could do that
[22:47:43] <QQtis> ok, I let it make a project to wrap teh makefile, and now its complaining that -- NMAKE : fatal error U1052: file 'uwadv.mak' not found
[22:48:30] <QQtis> its gotta be loading things wrong
[22:48:37] <wjp> hm, creating a new wrapper project somehow doesn't sound right
[22:48:45] <wjp> (but I really don't know :-) )
[22:48:56] <vividos> hmm, are you sure you opened uwadv.dsw ? and not some makefile?
[22:49:14] <QQtis> yep
[22:49:28] <QQtis> but for some reason it made 2 sections in the workspace
[22:49:33] <QQtis> it says there are 2 projects
[22:49:43] <QQtis> uaconfig and uwadv
[22:49:53] <vividos> and you have msvc6 or 7?
[22:50:25] <QQtis> Visual C++ 6.0 Enterprise
[22:51:04] <QQtis> maybe I need a service pack?
[22:51:28] <vividos> I have sp5 installed
[22:51:41] <vividos> but that's pretty huge :)
[22:52:05] <vividos> if you like, you could retry with the current CVS version
[22:52:29] <QQtis> I'll just download teh service pack
[22:52:35] <QQtis> cable modem is prettyy fast
[22:52:47] <QQtis> no problem
[22:52:53] <vividos> ok :)
[22:54:25] <vividos> hmm, the error U1052 from above does sound strange. the message only appears when dropping a *.mak file into msvc, but I'm not sure
[22:56:54] <QQtis> well anyways - this is mostly for my own curiosity, to see how teh current CVS version works
[22:57:14] <QQtis> I don't expect myself to be very useful in programming
[22:57:25] <vividos> ok. I guess you still need some files, the zlib, SDL and SDL_mixer stuff
[22:57:28] <QQtis> what other things do you have in mind?
[22:57:37] <vividos> things to do for the project?
[22:57:51] <QQtis> yeah - are you thinking of improving the graphiics somewhat?
[22:58:55] <vividos> I hope to get some 3d models for the 2d sprites
[22:59:38] <vividos> other stuff would be to find out more stuff for uw-formats.txt (in the docs folder)
[23:13:51] <QQtis> how do you immagine doing 3d models for the sprites?
[23:14:30] <QQtis> would they have actual position and orientation, or would they just appear the same from all directions as sprites do?
[23:15:24] <QQtis> I mean, it would be really nice if bones and skulls would actually be lying on the floor in a certain position
[23:16:39] <vividos> yes, they would be full models like in quake3
[23:16:54] <QQtis> and weapons shields could actually be sort of placed against the wall
[23:17:05] <vividos> there even is a direction field for objects, but I don't know if it's actually used
[23:17:13] <QQtis> but you know for really ncie stuff then you'd have to move away from using teh straight data in the original uw files
[23:17:57] <vividos> ok course
[23:18:05] <QQtis> like if you wanted to have weed growing or leeches hiding along the sides of walls...
[23:18:26] <vividos> I don't think we should go that far before the first full release is made
[23:18:34] <QQtis> yeah
[23:18:36] <QQtis> true
[23:19:29] <QQtis> for the uw-format stuff...
[23:19:37] <QQtis> have you tried talking to the original developers
[23:19:55] <QQtis> I read in some old interview that they were actually planning to release a UW world editor
[23:20:00] <QQtis> but they never got around to it
[23:20:11] <vividos> do you have a link to the article? or was it on paper?
[23:20:24] <QQtis> it was the in the UW walkthrough book
[23:20:34] <QQtis> red thick book I have somewhere in the attic
[23:20:49] <QQtis> anyways - I had emailed Paul Neurath about it
[23:21:14] <vividos> aah, the hint book. didn't have a chance to ebay it yet
[23:21:26] <vividos> about uwadv?
[23:21:44] <QQtis> I don't remember what his answer was, but I guess no one was baound to get their hands on it
[23:21:57] <QQtis> about the game editor that they used for designing the game
[23:22:07] <vividos> ah ok
[23:22:20] <QQtis> in any case, wouldn't it be useful to get in touch with some of the developers?
[23:22:41] <QQtis> there must be ways to find them
[23:22:45] <vividos> yes, you're right
[23:22:58] <QQtis> if I found Paul Neurath's address through the email yellow pages...
[23:23:11] <QQtis> must be some way to get hold of the other guys
[23:24:04] <vividos> if you find out some email addresses that I can email to, I gladly will write an email then
[23:24:11] <QQtis> Paul Neurath neurath@email.msn.com
[23:24:29] <QQtis> if it still works :)
[23:24:39] <QQtis> it's been 2 years since I emailed him I think
[23:24:43] <QQtis> if not 3
[23:25:05] <vividos> Doug Church or one of the other programmers would probably also be helpful
[23:25:47] <QQtis> I forget, what exactly was Paul's role in teh development?
[23:26:05] <QQtis> head designer or director or what?
[23:27:04] <vividos> he was (lead) designer, according to the uw1 manuals
[23:27:13] <vividos> I think they only had one designer
[23:27:29] <QQtis> and he did a godd job :)
[23:27:54] <vividos> oh yes
[23:28:10] <vividos> Dallas Snell was executive producer
[23:30:56] <QQtis> yeah, but try to find Doug Church through white pages or something
[23:31:07] <QQtis> that's how I found Neurath
[23:31:26] <vividos> ok
[23:31:30] <vividos> interesting read: http://groups.google.com/groups?q=%22doug+church%22&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&scoring=d&selm=gt8jkuoavjhnvgj7in166jf3kgipmgcm4r%404ax.com&rnum=8
[23:31:41] <QQtis> I wonder if they might be bound by some contract to not reveal the specifics of the design
[23:34:57] <vividos> that could be, but thank god we have Jim :)
[23:37:02] <QQtis> Jim?
[23:37:17] <QQtis> hm... yeah it is curious - what did hapen to Church, heheh
[23:38:45] <QQtis> http://www.hkdea.org/print.php?sid=86
[23:44:19] <vividos> Jim Cameron from the TSSHP project
[23:45:21] <vividos> well, if anyone can pay me a ticket to hongkong, I attend the talk :)
[23:45:55] <wjp> it was the 18th :-)
[23:46:02] <vividos> yeah, I just realized
[23:46:42] <vividos> "wjp is wide awake" :)
[23:49:06] <QQtis> ok
[23:49:08] <QQtis> I gotta go
[23:49:13] <QQtis> talk to you guys later
[23:49:35] <vividos> ok, just visit #uwadv again :) bye!
[23:49:49] <QQtis> maybe I'll make myself useful eventually :)
[23:49:50] <QQtis> bye
[23:49:56] <vividos> :9
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[23:50:17] <vividos> tuesday is semester start
[23:50:50] <vividos> it was so silent so far, but soon everywhere are 1st semester students again ... :)
[23:52:43] <vividos> oh, did I mention the other other uw2 remake yet? http://screwage.com/~marc/
[23:54:14] <wjp> hey, that one's even cross-platform :-)
[23:55:42] <vividos> I thought I sent the mail to the devel list :)
[23:56:13] <wjp> hm, I didn't see it
[23:56:33] <vividos> yes, I found it unsent in my outbox :)