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[06:38:57] <servus> there, finished that miserable Male fighter 01 (it could still be touched up, but it is completely boned and ready for action!
[06:39:29] <servus>
[07:03:14] <servus> hmm, question: there should definitely be acceleration, velocity, and position when moving, but what about when turning? should it just be a simple matter of turning your body and that's that, or should i introduce torque and rotational velocity in addition to direction facing, so that when you turn your body it takes just a little to slow down before stopping?
[08:34:56] <servus> :P if i cause 171 errors in someone else's code, are they still my errors? :)
[08:53:18] <servus> there, it works
[09:11:18] <servus> now *that* is more how i remember!... i'm going to redo the entire physics system i think... the system is just *not* real physics of any sort :)
[09:15:25] <servus> perhaps ill implement "throwing objects around"... i already have rather accomplished bounce formulae... *babbles*
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