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[08:49:23] <servus> There is a German version of Ultima Online, yes
[08:49:55] <servus> Order isn't tooooo important. Ultima Underworld 1 doesn't fit in well, but Ultima Underworld 2 takes place directly after Ultima VII, and before Ultima VII Part 2: Serpent Isle
[08:52:48] <sonydx> ah ok.
[08:53:13] <sonydx> I will try to find this uo version.
[08:55:25] <sonydx> is there also an u7 german version? or I will try to play the eng one. I already have the ultima 7 complete edition.
[09:00:08] <servus> Yes there is. http://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/ultima-vii-the-black-gate/release-info
[09:00:18] <servus> You'll need to find the German version elsewhere, then
[09:06:15] <sonydx> hm ok, thanks!
[12:40:52] <sonydx> are there other channels about ultima on freenode? :)
[13:31:45] <Sevalecpp> #exult for the ultima 7 thing
[13:32:07] <Sevalecpp> \o/
[13:35:48] <sonydx> thx :)