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[20:36:07] <vividos> hi
[20:37:18] <vividos> http://www.tiscali.co.uk/games/features/2002/04/16/gamesthatchangedtheworldultimaunderworld.html
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[20:37:49] <vividos> hi wjp
[20:37:56] <wjp> hi
[20:38:48] <vividos> a question ... can we use a tool (strpak) to build some files for the uadata zip file?
[20:39:01] <vividos> or are the tools built after uwadv?
[20:39:10] <wjp> you can specify the order
[20:39:30] <wjp> but it doesn't matter if uwadv is built before or after the tools, does it?
[20:40:10] <vividos> probably not, but the uadata zip file should be built after the tools, then
[20:40:17] <wjp> yes
[20:40:22] <vividos> when I want to use strpak to pack some strings together
[20:40:28] <wjp> but it already relies on luac now
[20:40:56] <vividos> is it a problem?
[20:41:16] <wjp> no, not at all
[20:41:37] <wjp> I just meant that it already relies on a program being built before the data zip is created
[20:41:45] <wjp> so adding one more won't fundamentally change anything
[20:41:51] <vividos> ah ok
[20:42:36] <vividos> btw, we're listed in the Linux Gamer's Howto now :)
[20:42:42] <wjp> nice :-)
[20:42:52] <wjp> do you have an url?
[20:46:31] <phlask> hi guys!
[20:49:05] <vividos> http://www.dirac.org/linux/writing/
[20:50:57] <wjp> hm, what a depressingly small list of 'interpreters' at the end
[20:58:55] <phlask> hmm, is the pocketpc version of uw different from the original in any way?
[21:06:01] <vividos> wjp: what do you mean with "interpreters"?
[21:06:14] <vividos> phlask: don't know; I don't own a pocket pc
[21:08:17] <vividos> should also be here: http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Linux-Gamers-HOWTO/index.html
[21:09:23] <vividos> wjp: I'm in contact with the author, so the change of a caption should be easy :)
[21:10:02] <vividos> s/caption/paragraph
[21:11:38] <phlask> vividos: well, few people do own one :) The article you pointed to hints that the pocketpc version is different though.
[21:12:26] <vividos> do you mean the tiscali link?
[21:12:32] <phlask> yeah
[21:13:33] <vividos> didn't read it completely, and the link isn't currently working :-/
[21:14:43] <vividos> ah works again
[21:16:00] <phlask> it is a nice article :)
[21:19:08] <phlask> I followed the link to the Ziosoft website (they ported it to the pocketpc)... the screenshots reveal that the game looks exactly the same
[21:20:02] <phlask> Well... they are actually even proud of it. Quote from their website: "Exact conversion to give you the true original feeling"
[21:20:53] * phlask wouldn't mind a true original feeling :)
[21:21:37] * vividos wonders if they also put in the texture distortions from the original
[21:22:03] <phlask> texture distortions?
[21:24:03] <vividos> texture mapping in the left or right side of the screen is sometimes not correct in the original
[21:24:34] <phlask> oh that... yeah especially when you look up/down and turn :)
[21:25:08] <vividos> yes :)
[21:25:48] <phlask> I think they just did a simple port using the original source... I doubt they changed anything at all other than platform-specific stuff
[21:26:13] <vividos> that might be, although I think the renderer was very platform specific
[21:26:49] <vividos> I bet they used the X mode to have page flipping
[21:27:31] <vividos> btw, Sir Cabirus added another level of his walkthrough: http://www.sircabirus.com/uw1walk/pages/index.html
[21:27:36] <phlask> Besides they say it is a, quote "Exact conversion...", so the texture distortions *should* be in there too... otherwise you will never get that "true original feeling" of course :)
[21:28:10] <vividos> I return it to the store immediately when they're not in! :)
[21:29:33] <phlask> and rightfully so :)
[21:31:06] <vividos> of course, uwadv doesn't have the feature
[21:31:27] <phlask> That is one bug I van live with
[21:32:05] <phlask> Nice job by Sir Cabirus btw... that walkthrough and those maps will be a real timesaver when implementing/testing our game
[21:34:44] <vividos> yes
[21:35:05] <vividos> although some part of the map of level 4 is missing, which can be seen using mapdisp
[21:35:41] <phlask> no it isn't missing :)
[21:36:08] <phlask> at least not when you haven't visited any level below level 4
[21:36:17] <wjp> hm, yes, the area in the top-left
[21:36:19] <vividos> that's right
[21:36:31] <wjp> and in the center
[21:36:56] <phlask> you can only get there from level 7 :)
[21:37:14] <wjp> I wonder how I got the center filled in
[21:37:19] <wjp> maybe a window?
[21:37:25] <wjp> or was there a spell to show part of the map?
[21:38:11] <wjp> part of the water on his map isn't complete too
[21:38:18] <wjp> ah well, minor details :-)
[21:38:40] <phlask> indeed... any "normal" uw player will be quite happy with it I recon
[21:40:32] <wjp> he missed a secret area in level 3
[21:42:34] <phlask> Kind of unique btw that someone decides to create a walkthrough for a 10-year-old game
[21:42:40] <wjp> yeah
[21:43:54] <phlask> I've never seen the concept art before... is it from the original manual by any chance?
[21:45:51] <vividos> doesn't seem to be in the manuals
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[21:53:14] <phlask> Wow... I found a real gem on the Ziosoft website!
[21:53:47] <vividos> what gem?
[21:54:18] <phlask> You can download the manual for UW! 3 whole booklets in PDF
[21:54:31] <vividos> yes :)
[21:55:40] <phlask> Are these booklets the same as the ones included with the original?
[21:56:11] <vividos> no
[21:56:40] <vividos> the format was A5
[21:57:09] <vividos> (don't know if anyone knows what A5 is, outside of germany)
[21:57:26] <wjp> yeah :-)
[21:57:31] <wjp> I think it's a european thing
[21:57:32] <phlask> yes... the use the same system here :)
[21:57:45] <phlask> half the size of A4 :)
[21:59:18] <phlask> These docs rock!
[22:01:42] <phlask> The player's guide actually is more a walkthrough than anything else... it includes the (almost) full map and list of objectives for every level!
[22:02:23] <vividos> yes, it seems they added the mitch aigner's walkthrough
[22:02:49] <wjp> hm, how big is that zip?
[22:02:58] <wjp> ah, it finally finished downloading
[22:05:09] <phlask> The Memoires of Cabirus is a nice treat too! Check out those drawings :)
[22:05:47] <vividos> they even had paul neurath as technical advisor
[22:06:34] * vividos thinks about making ua_cutscene a child of ua_image ...
[22:06:57] <phlask> and the reason for that being?
[22:07:47] <vividos> then I could easily split the 320x200 textures in smaller parts. the animated textures would at most have sizes of 256x256
[22:07:58] <vividos> ... which would work with voodo 3 cards :)
[22:08:54] <vividos> or were it voodoo <3 cards?
[22:09:04] <phlask> come on... you're not going to make adjustments just to support a >2 year-old videocard are you?
[22:09:24] <vividos> it would be easy to do then
[22:09:44] <wjp> I should be going; 'night
[22:09:50] <phlask> bye
[22:09:51] <vividos> bye wjp
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[22:10:46] <vividos> I just tried how it would look when splitting the large texture in two ... the bad thing is, there is a small but visible "seam"
[22:11:27] <phlask> I would just leave it be... by the time uwadv is finished hardly anyone will be running it on a voodoo card anyhow
[22:11:38] <vividos> probably right :-)
[22:12:12] <phlask> hehe... notice how the rats in the Memoires look all cute and cuddly :)
[22:13:00] <vividos> hmm, seems that I didn't download the memoirs of cabirus
[22:14:04] <phlask> you didn't? Man, you are really missing out ;) The file is called ultima_underworld_manual.zip and contains 3 PDFs
[22:14:13] <vividos> mine contained only 2
[22:15:23] <phlask> weird
[22:17:09] <vividos> they seem to have added it in the current version; now I have it
[22:17:36] <vividos> but I also have the paper version :)
[22:17:52] <phlask> you do?
[22:18:01] <phlask> where did you get that one then?
[22:18:21] <vividos> yes, I ebay'ed my version of uw1
[22:18:42] <phlask> I see :)
[22:19:04] <vividos> but the uw1 clue book seems to be available nowhere
[22:20:45] <vividos> http://home.hiwaay.net/~rgregg/ultima/collectibles/Books_Hint.html
[22:21:15] <phlask> A true collectible then...
[22:21:30] <vividos> yes
[22:21:51] <vividos> even the author doesn't have one anymore
[22:22:16] <phlask> whoa... "...and a thorough explanation of the game engine...", that sounds interesting indeed
[22:22:29] <vividos> yes
[22:22:35] <vividos> maybe they added the source code *g*
[22:24:19] <phlask> no wonder it is so hard to obtain! :)
[22:29:29] <phlask> a bit off-topic (or actually ON-topic, this is an uwadv channel after all ;-): Have you already found someone who can/will do the 3D modelling of the critters?
[22:29:59] <vividos> no, I wanted to put up a message on the main page, but didn't find the time yet
[22:32:32] <phlask> ok... I already talked about this a bit in the thread for the butterfinger release on the ttlg forum. But nobody has picked up on it yet... I should probably start a new topic instead.
[22:35:49] <vividos> don't know if the TTLG forum is the right place to look for 3d modelers
[22:37:05] <phlask> no it isn't I know... but we really need someone who is familiar with UW or at least the Ultima series in general
[22:41:35] <phlask> is there a general 3d modeling channel on opn by any chance?
[22:46:05] <vividos> don't know
[22:48:03] <phlask> oh well...
[22:52:30] * phlask sees a bedroll
[22:52:36] * phlask picks up a bedroll
[22:52:48] * phlask phlask turns out his torch
[22:52:58] <phlask> oh well...
[22:53:09] <phlask> anyhow I need a rest
[22:54:06] <phlask> sorry for my obviously failed attempt at humor while half-asleep...
[22:54:20] <phlask> goodnight
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[23:05:47] * vividos smiles
[23:06:22] * vividos just missed saying 'bye' another time :)
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