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[11:02:36] <ESphynx> Finally got my line of sight algorithm behaving!
[11:02:45] <ESphynx> though it's still pretty brute-force :P
[11:04:30] <SHODAN> line of sight as in culling?
[11:04:40] <SHODAN> or line of sight for mobs
[11:04:56] <ESphynx> I'm using it it for reducing the display list
[11:05:07] <ESphynx> not that it realy makes a difference on today's GPUs :P
[11:05:17] <ESphynx> but could be useful for everything else too
[11:05:28] <ESphynx> like drawing the maps and NPCs noticing the player
[11:06:25] <ESphynx> http://ecere.com/tmp/los.jpg
[11:06:55] <ESphynx> (and drawing the map)
[11:06:58] <ESphynx> as you explore :)
[11:07:04] <SHODAN> we just take geometry nearby and let the gpu handle it
[11:08:19] <ESphynx> right
[11:08:28] <ESphynx> well I was throwing the whole world the GPU didn't really suffer from it :P
[11:08:42] <ESphynx> but for the sake of doing things properly I felt this was needed :P
[11:08:56] <ESphynx> and we need that for drawing the map as we go right :)
[11:14:02] <SHODAN> yep
[11:14:42] <ESphynx> pretty happy that I finally got this right :PP
[11:15:49] <SHODAN> yes it is harder than it looks
[11:21:13] <ESphynx> yeah I thought it was gonna be easy
[11:21:20] <ESphynx> I scrapped and restarted many times lol
[11:21:34] <ESphynx> I looked at the stuff over @ http://www.roguebasin.com/index.php?title=Comparative_study_of_field_of_view_algorithms_for_2D_grid_based_worlds
[11:21:37] <ESphynx> but none of that was cutting it
[11:21:51] <ESphynx> quite happy with the one I developed :)
[11:37:48] <SHODAN> :)
[11:38:06] <SHODAN> yea i've done a few for roguelikes over the years
[11:38:12] <SHODAN> it's fun though
[11:42:08] <ESphynx> hehe yeah
[11:42:29] <ESphynx> the angled walls were tricky :P
[11:42:42] <ESphynx> so was the permissiveness to make sure not to miss stuff hehe
[11:43:00] <ESphynx> preparing my first uw commit hehe
[11:49:47] <SHODAN> yay
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