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[11:58:24] <b-llwyd> i just now downloaded the latest cvs and installed it, but couldn't even reach the 'character creation' page. (it kept reloading the menu). And the intro does give me sound, but no images/animations. I guess I grabbed the cvs bag at a bad time. I'll try again next week. (i'm only talking to myself, nevermind me) (linux)
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[13:25:37] <servus> Download a release?
[13:26:05] <servus> http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=66655&release_id=130647 not the CVS
[13:53:43] <b-llwyd> yeah...i did that when they released it, but i'd rather like to try my luck with CVS to see new features
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