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[00:00:09] <Coren_> True, it's not as bad as it used to be. I'll *never* figure out a reason why changing the IP address on a NIC required a reboot of NT 4. :-)
[00:00:27] <Telemachos> on the other hand, windows doesnt puke blood if I insert a new graphics card ;) Im not sure my RedHat (in dual boot on my primary machine) will like that I exchanged my GF2 with a Radeon9700
[00:00:48] <vividos> Telemachos: it does puke :) at least for me
[00:01:14] <Telemachos> he heh... are you running xp?
[00:01:18] <vividos> no
[00:01:21] <vividos> 98
[00:01:25] <Telemachos> nooo..
[00:01:29] <Telemachos> you must like pain
[00:01:29] <Coren_> Depends. RedHat's boot-time harward detection might actually be smart enough to redo an X configure.
[00:01:56] <Telemachos> well, to be honest I havent tried.. I guess I'll have to give it a chance at least
[00:02:16] <Coren_> Telemachos I wouldn't put XP on any of my computers if you paid me for it. Have you *read* the EULA you agreed to?
[00:02:20] <vividos> win98 runs without problems here
[00:02:43] <Coren_> My only windows box runs win2k, and it will never be upgraded if I can help it.
[00:03:43] <Telemachos> well, I didnt actually read the EULA.. but the fact is (in my opinion) that XP runs twice as well as 2000 ;)
[00:03:48] <Coren_> lthough 'upgrade' probably isn't the right word, because despite the marketing bullshit it is generally understood to mean that some improvement is meant to take place.
[00:04:48] <Telemachos> Im actually almost impressed with it.. my current system has lived through 3 graphics cards, 5 different directX versions and a shitload of graphics drivers.. and it's still fast and stable ;)
[00:05:06] <Telemachos> even win2000 tended to need a reinstall if you messed around too much
[00:05:40] <Coren_> Perhaps you should have read it, you know, you have permission to Microsoft to install or remove software from your computer, as well as inspect its configuration and installed software without concent or warning. Of course, this is all to "protect you" from "malicious or buggy" software or data.
[00:06:33] <Coren_> s/you have to/you gave to/
[00:07:37] <Coren_> s/ve to\//ve permission to\//g
[00:08:19] * Coren_ shrugs.
[00:08:49] <Coren_> Anyways, DRM is going to remove all such choice from everyone soon.
[00:09:50] <Telemachos> DRM?
[00:11:01] <Coren_> Digital "Right" Management. aka "Palladium" and other such nice words to describe technology whose marketing claims security and reliability but which allows entities like Microsoft to control what you do with your computer, what data you may use it with, and how you use it.
[00:12:01] <Coren_> The basic idea being that the basic architecture uses cryptography to prevent software that isn't "signed" from running, and that allows branding data so that it can be used only by a specific application running on a specific CPU.
[00:12:06] <Telemachos> btw, Our Ultima1 tech2.5 won the Happy Penguin Award 2002 for "Best non-free RPG" ... hows that for wierd ;) he heh.. they even gave us an ugly graphics to brag with
[00:12:26] <vividos> hehe :)
[00:12:56] <Telemachos> non-free because we didnt provide the source... he heh.. I guess non-free is a broad definition ;)
[00:13:15] <Coren_> Of course, only the very biggest corporation will have the money to buy licences to the signatures, so that the next computer you buy might be able to run only "approved" applications.
[00:13:51] <Telemachos> Yeah I read about Palladium... it's supposed to have the protection features turned off by default though... but.. ;)
[00:14:12] <Coren_> Err, well, 'free' as in 'free speech' (which is what Happy Penguin talks about) does require that the source be open. As opposed to 'free beer'.
[00:14:53] <Telemachos> I like my beer open too ;)
[00:15:16] <Coren_> Sure, turned off by default. How long do you think before Windows or, say, Office, pops up "Sorry, the protection mechanism must be turned on" when you start it up?
[00:15:25] <Telemachos> oh well, still no luck connecting Overnet.. does that happen often or have we messed something up here ,)
[00:16:20] <Coren_> That rule really oughtn't have changed anything outgoing; but you might want to delete it for now-- I might be missing data on your setup, such as odd routing or specific requirement on the telco side.
[00:17:05] * Coren_ can just *see* the dialog.
[00:18:11] <Coren_> "Sorry- While the law specifically allows you to make as many copies of anything you want for your own personal use, we money sucking bastards aren't going to let you listen to the CD you bought for the only good track on it on your own damn computer unless you send us another $20."
[00:18:21] <Coren_> "[Cancel] [Bend Over]"
[00:20:38] <vividos> should go now; I do have an application tomorrow. 'night!
[00:21:08] <Coren_> 'nite!
[00:21:10] <vividos> it's an interview, to be more precise :)
[00:21:22] * Coren_ had guessed. :-)
[00:22:23] <Telemachos> interview for what position ? ;)
[00:22:38] <vividos> software developer
[00:22:51] <vividos> mostly win32 apps I guess
[00:23:39] <Telemachos> ok.. good luck on that then ;)
[00:23:51] <vividos> thanks and good night!
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[00:26:15] <Telemachos> hmm.. doesnt seem like its the rule... think I'll leave it in and check again tomorrow ;)
[00:50:25] <Telemachos> ups, getting late.. gotta go ;) cya
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