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[12:14:42] <PNTCLI> hello? is anyone here not a bot?
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[19:41:49] <PNTCLI> anyone here? :)
[19:42:10] * wjp nods
[19:43:42] <PNTCLI> i have the grdecode.cpp now
[19:43:57] <PNTCLI> but when i try to compile it, it comes up with errors. :(
[19:44:40] <wjp> how are you compiling it and what are the errors?
[19:45:23] <PNTCLI> i am using dev-c++
[19:46:19] <PNTCLI> it says _asm is undeclared function
[19:46:25] <wjp> oh, yeah, that
[19:46:54] <wjp> just remove that line and the one above
[19:47:21] <wjp> (i.e., 'if (nibble>=32)' and '_asm int 3;')
[19:48:04] <PNTCLI> and that ansi c++ forbids declaration 'my_printf' without type
[19:48:36] <wjp> there's a line near the top '#if 0', right?
[19:48:44] <wjp> change that into '#if 1'
[19:50:26] <PNTCLI> yay!
[19:50:40] <PNTCLI> thankyou. that helps greatly
[19:51:20] <PNTCLI> can i ask what the levark decode is supposed to help with?
[19:51:50] <wjp> the file says it's for "level map decoding"
[19:53:13] <PNTCLI> yes, i have used it, but it doesnt seem very helpful
[19:53:18] <PNTCLI> anywayz what is ur name? :)
[19:53:39] <wjp> why? :-)
[19:53:53] <wjp> consider it a puzzle, you should be able to figure it out ;-)
[19:54:39] <wjp> none of the things in hacking/ are guaranteed to be useful, btw
[19:54:55] <wjp> from what I can tell they're just for experimenting with the data file formats
[19:55:26] <PNTCLI> so i can include you in our credits
[19:55:45] <PNTCLI> yes. i know that. can i ask if you have managed to decode creature stats?
[19:55:50] <PNTCLI> or weapon damage stats?
[19:57:05] <wjp> I don't know; you'll have to ask vividos
[19:57:28] <wjp> my name's Willem Jan Palenstijn, btw :-)
[19:57:57] <PNTCLI> is he the one assigned to that job
[19:58:12] <wjp> he's the project leader
[19:58:24] <wjp> I basically just handle the linux port
[19:58:25] <PNTCLI> lol. ok. ill put you in to our release, which should be soon
[20:02:09] <PNTCLI> your job is to convert the win32 version?
[20:02:44] <PNTCLI> once we finish Level 4, then we are making our first public release
[20:06:27] <PNTCLI> i emailed Origin about getting permission to do such a Mod before, and they still haven't replied
[20:06:37] <PNTCLI> have yuse had any more luck in getting a reply?
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