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[05:25:28] --> unfo has joined #uwadv
[05:25:50] <unfo> hi all, anyone know what's the status of uwadv development? has anyone resumed development on either branch? which branch?
[05:38:54] <servus> Just you and Sol talking about it, afaik. Wjp, Vividos, and the others have shelved it for now
[05:39:57] <unfo> servus, how's sol's progress?
[05:40:39] <servus> He's only spoken to you and a Leo75, in this room. He did not discuss his status with Leo75 - he only displayed his disappointment with the state of the project.
[05:41:10] <unfo> if the data files were released as freeware, i might join the project.
[05:41:14] <unfo> I hate copyright law.
[05:41:18] <servus> The data files?
[05:41:34] <servus> The original game data, or the new data created for UWAdv?
[05:41:34] <unfo> ultima underworld for PC's levels
[05:41:39] <unfo> yeah, the original game data.
[05:41:43] <unfo> What new data?
[05:41:55] <servus> Various 3D replacement models and textures
[05:44:43] <unfo> cool!
[05:53:47] <servus> Well, you can have those if you want.
[05:53:56] <unfo> i can have what?
[05:55:59] <servus> The 3D replacement models and textures
[05:57:10] <unfo> servus, will they let me play and enjoy for at least 2 minutes?
[05:58:05] <servus> I don't understand?
[05:58:23] <unfo> servus, are the replacement models enough to provide basic gameplay of level 1?
[05:58:34] <unfo> so I can play for 2 minutes and have fun?
[05:58:45] <unfo> if there is that much done, excellent. If not, thats not so good.
[05:59:16] <servus> Oh. Well the models were being done on an object-by-object basis, so you plug in models as they are made, and the rest are just 2D sprites like normal.
[06:00:01] <unfo> servus, ah. I get it. So I still need the original game data?
[06:00:06] <servus> Yep
[06:01:16] <unfo> :(
[06:01:27] <unfo> it'd be cool if someone made replacement game data.
[06:02:28] <servus> Play Dungeon Hack, I guess?
[06:04:54] <unfo> servus, i play nethack
[06:11:32] <-- unfo has left #uwadv ("Leaving")
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