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[20:05:19] <vividos> hi
[20:05:20] <vividos> http://www.webtender.com/db/drink/1435
[20:22:23] <wjp> :-)
[20:22:23] <wjp> hi
[20:27:58] * wjp is fixing up the .spec currently
[20:29:58] <wjp> did your fixes from last night fix that crash for you, btw?
[20:36:59] <vividos> the crash only was sporadically; I tried but couldn't reproduce yet
[20:37:55] <vividos> hmm no, unfortunately not
[20:38:02] <wjp> ok, spec done
[20:38:21] <wjp> rpm indeed complained about the - in the version number, btw
[20:38:33] <vividos> ok
[20:38:51] <vividos> when using STLport debug mode, I get the following lines, which aren't that helpful either
[20:38:51] <vividos> c:/mingw/stlport/stlport/stl/debug/_vector.h(134): STL error : Index out of bounds
[20:38:52] <vividos> c:/mingw/stlport/stlport/stl/debug/_vector.h(134): STL assertion failure: __n < _Base::size()
[20:39:30] <wjp> I'll try running it in valgrind again later
[21:06:35] <vividos> for those interested in the new music pack, I've already released it:
[21:06:36] <vividos> https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=50987&package_id=44714&release_id=229523
[21:07:21] <wjp> how many savegames do you have?
[21:07:36] <wjp> (in the list in the savegame screen)
[21:08:36] <wjp> hm, btw, I can still click on buttons in the savegame screen while it's fading out
[21:08:59] <wjp> which can cause crashes
[21:10:12] <wjp> I ran the create character - quicksave - ctrl-R sequence about ten times now, and the only crash I got was when pressing a button while fading out
[21:11:02] <vividos> hmm
[21:11:49] <wjp> the crash was in vector, btw, although I'm not sure if that really means anything
[21:12:01] <vividos> could be a hint
[21:12:06] <vividos> do you have a backtrace?
[21:12:35] <wjp> #3 0x080566a6 in ua_savegames_manager::get_savegame_filename(unsigned) (
[21:12:36] <wjp> this=0xbffff3a0, index=4294967284) at stl_vector.h:289
[21:12:36] <wjp> #4 0x08095af4 in ua_save_game_screen::tick() (this=0x870a038)
[21:12:36] <wjp> at save_game.hpp:128
[21:12:36] <wjp> #5 0x080ae9ad in ua_uwadv_game::run() (this=0x80e4f88) at uwadv.cpp:348
[21:13:54] <wjp> still get valgrind warnings when entering savegame screen
[21:14:06] <wjp> ==8185== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
[21:14:06] <wjp> ==8185== at 0x8095E29: ua_save_game_screen::update_info() (save_game.cpp:650)==8185== by 0x8095089: ua_save_game_screen::init() (save_game.cpp:435)
[21:14:09] <wjp> ==8185== by 0x80B0005: ua_uwadv_game::replace_screen(ua_screen*, bool) (uwadv.cpp:736)
[21:14:17] <wjp> (twice)
[21:14:18] <wjp> and
[21:14:23] <wjp> ==8185== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
[21:14:23] <wjp> ==8185== at 0x8095AB0: ua_save_game_screen::tick() (save_game.cpp:565)
[21:14:23] <wjp> ==8185== by 0x80AE9AC: ua_uwadv_game::run() (uwadv.cpp:348)
[21:14:29] <wjp> (twice as well)
[21:17:15] <vividos> try moving the update_info() in ua_save_game_screen() a few lines below
[21:17:27] <vividos> after the initialisation of the savegame_list
[21:19:12] <wjp> file?
[21:20:03] <wjp> oh, you mean the init() function?
[21:20:10] <vividos> save_game.cpp, yes
[21:21:09] <vividos> I can commit the file if you want
[21:21:15] <wjp> is this for the button press during fadeout or for the valgrind stuff?
[21:21:26] <wjp> (I guess the latter?)
[21:21:26] <vividos> the valgrind stuff
[21:22:11] <vividos> hmm seems to fix my bug :)
[21:23:48] <wjp> first (pair of) warning(s) is gone now, second one is still there
[21:24:05] <wjp> (I moved update_info() to below register_window(&savegames_list), btw)
[21:24:44] <vividos> ok
[21:24:57] <wjp> pressed_button not initialized?
[21:25:43] <vividos> might be
[21:26:01] <vividos> the second warning is when leaving the screen?
[21:28:35] <vividos> ok I'm committing the save_game.* files
[21:29:07] <vividos> done
[21:30:00] <vividos> btw, which buttons did you press? exit and then refresh?
[21:31:38] <vividos> made another commit, the same file
[21:35:16] <vividos> docbook is now mandatory to compile uwadv, right?
[21:35:43] <vividos> ppl: are you there?
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[21:40:32] <wjp> no, docbook isn't mandatory
[21:40:37] <wjp> configure will check for it
[21:40:46] <wjp> and if it isn't there it just won't create the .html
[21:41:15] <wjp> I did make it a build requirement for the .rpm
[21:42:45] <vividos> ah ok good
[21:48:22] <vividos> what's the exact path the .html file will be placed in?
[21:49:13] <wjp> when doing what?
[21:49:41] <wjp> in the rpm it's in /usr/share/doc/uwadv-0.9_mojito/
[21:51:07] <vividos> I meant that one :)
[22:02:34] <vividos> hmm should go to bed then
[22:03:27] <wjp> g'night
[22:04:23] <vividos> 'night!
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