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[02:58:08] <ESphynx> I'm wondering why I'm not getting the stairscases wall textures? ;\
[03:00:51] <ESphynx> interesting, it's in a tile marked 'solid' :P seems I haven't figured that out properly yet :P
[03:34:11] <ESphynx> can't figure this one out! :S
[06:23:35] <SHODAN> it's an object iirc
[06:40:26] <ESphynx> oh hi SHODAN :)
[06:40:47] <ESphynx> I was adding objects hoping to get the stairs hehe
[06:40:52] <ESphynx> SHODAN: what confuses me is that the stairs are in the wall textures?
[06:41:23] <ESphynx> are they decals on top of the wall?
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[08:03:42] <SHODAN> yes
[08:03:46] <SHODAN> they are
[08:03:59] <SHODAN> buttons, chains and levers are too
[08:04:14] <SHODAN> and some other things
[08:09:59] <ESpynx> so I need to render them from objects eh?
[08:14:04] <SHODAN> you can make a separate pass and add them to the level geometry if you want of course :)
[08:15:14] <ESpynx> right :)
[08:15:32] <ESpynx> I'm trying to get behaving billboards :P
[09:22:53] <ESpynx> SHODAN: http://ecere.com/tmp/objects.jpg :P
[09:26:18] <SHODAN> looking good :)
[09:30:04] <ESpynx> hehe thanks
[09:30:29] <ESpynx> I did get my visibility map working properly!
[09:30:37] <ESpynx> and my player clipping around the corner too! those were a pain :P
[09:30:47] <ESpynx> along the angled walls
[11:53:08] <ESpynx> can't seem to figure out the auxiliary palettes for the critter animations :S
[12:19:37] <ESpynx> silly me, my palette was failing to load lol
[22:32:12] <ESpynx> hmm is the fountain supposed to be animating?
[22:37:13] <ESpynx> yes it is :P
[22:39:58] <ESpynx> how is the fontain animated :|
[22:43:13] <ESpynx> oh is it just scrolling down :P
[22:57:56] <ESpynx> isn't the silver tree supposed to be glimmering too?