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[17:56:37] <bill> hi
[17:57:20] <wjp> hi
[17:57:37] <bill> so does the page lie, or is the project still alive
[17:58:18] <ppl> bill: There's a new release coming out in a few I've heard.
[17:58:50] <wjp> hm, the devlog on the homepage is giving a fatal error
[17:59:47] <wjp> but yes, there's a new release coming really really soon
[18:01:05] <bill> cool
[18:01:09] <bill> got cvs :)
[18:01:20] <bill> is the current version playable
[18:01:29] <bill> xdosemu is OK but your version looks badass
[18:07:51] <bill> what kind of new features are we going to see
[18:07:55] <bill> anything exciting?
[18:08:17] <wjp> new features since the last release?
[18:08:34] <wjp> hm, not many... most of the work since the last release was code cleanup and restructuring
[18:22:44] <bill> cool
[18:22:47] <bill> so is it fully playable/
[18:23:00] <wjp> not yet
[18:23:08] <bill> ahh
[18:23:09] <bill> too bad
[18:23:21] <wjp> you can walk around, talk to people and manipulate items, I think
[18:23:44] <bill> all the boring stuff heh
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