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[08:48:57] --- servus_sominus is now known as servus
[10:48:50] --> Jammet has joined #uwadv
[10:48:54] <Jammet> Hello =).
[10:54:00] <servus> hello
[10:54:06] <servus> how goes it
[10:54:24] <Jammet> Yo ...
[10:54:27] <Jammet> Just fine. =)
[10:54:39] <Jammet> I'm going to play a little with the April release.
[10:58:19] <Jammet> The internal model viewer, can I activate it somehow?
[10:59:10] <servus> no idea :-)
[10:59:23] <Jammet> =)
[12:14:19] <Jammet> I haven't looked at that yet..
[12:14:39] <Jammet> Coren is Low's main programmer, right?
[12:14:50] <Jammet> < servus> hes the only guy on it
[12:15:04] <Jammet> < servus> i made him some 3d models for it but he never had the chance to use tehm i think
[12:15:06] <servus> yes
[12:15:09] <Jammet> What, he did the music, the models, the code, everything?
[12:15:18] <Jammet> < servus> heh
[12:15:46] <servus> music is from the original or a remix by someone else, the models are from ultima online:3d, and the code is (i believe) mostly his at least
[12:16:13] <Jammet> Ah... so at least some of it wasn't made by him. I have no experience with 3d models, but I can do graphics pretty well. I think some highres textures for UW.. I'd like to do them.
[12:16:30] <Jammet> Um, if the models are taken from UW online, is that really alright?
[12:16:41] <Jammet> < servus> lets just talk in uwadv if youre gonna copy ;-p
[12:16:57] <Jammet> Nono, it's a link script. I'm combining the two channels.
[12:17:04] <servus> and no, its illegal, i need to create replacement models
[12:17:11] <Jammet> < servus> why are you doing that :-p
[12:17:17] <Jammet> Ah, okay. Muck like fcmp in freecraft.
[12:17:24] <servus> fcmp?
[12:17:42] <Jammet> Because the channels are both very tiny and if one happens to find one of them, they'll find a few more people to talk to.
[12:17:53] <Jammet> That's something like freedoom. Graphics / model / sound /level replacement.
[12:18:01] <Jammet> It's like, creating the whole game of Warcraft 2 all new.
[12:19:12] <Jammet> They started out only with the engine in GPL, but could not distribute a full game. That's why.
[12:20:34] <servus> ah
[12:20:52] <servus> well coren is actually packaging the uo3d models and putting them up for download
[12:21:37] <Jammet> I hope nobody is ever going to object. =) I would simply just like to play. When I saw the graphics... I went Whooa.
[12:21:51] <Jammet> I mean, real models instead of sprites, that is a technical leap.
[12:22:30] <servus> yep, im quite experienced making low poly 3d humanoid models (i did a lot for half-life)
[12:23:02] <Jammet> When it come to the cats, the leopards, those talking walking, prancing, pouncing beauties, please make them beautiful =).
[12:23:11] * Jammet mews.
[12:25:09] <servus> trilkhai
[12:25:18] <servus> anagram for kilrathi
[12:25:21] <Jammet> That's what they were called, right?
[12:25:28] <Jammet> Kilrathi?
[12:25:35] <Jammet> No, that was the cats from Wing Commander.
[12:25:43] <servus> which is a ripoff of larry niven's k'zin, from the game wing commander, which is a ripoff of larry niven's Man Kzin Wars
[12:25:50] <servus> Origin made both games ;-)
[12:26:02] <Jammet> I know. =) Warren probably fell in love with that race.
[12:26:27] <servus> they are called kilrathi in ultima 7 and wing commander, trilkhai in UW2; the wisp in uw2 will tell you that the trilkhai used to fly spaceships and kill humans with "great bolts of fire"
[12:26:48] <servus> if you enjoy the characters, read larry niven's _Ringworld_
[12:26:57] <Jammet> Seriously, =) cats usually get the worst outfit in all games, serve as cannon fodder, and sometimes dogs too. In UW I was very happy and positively surprised to see them playing a good role of their own. I hope they'll be looking nice.
[12:27:20] <Jammet> In Ultima 7? You mean that lone WC spaceship on the field?
[12:27:35] <Jammet> Ah yes, Ringworld's already on my /var/books/spool =)
[12:28:34] <Jammet> Cedars is in #freecraft
[12:28:55] <Jammet> Whoops from window.
[12:30:23] <servus> yes
[12:30:30] <servus> didnt you talk to the farmer?
[12:30:47] <servus> "he said kill wrathy and then fell dead! I didnt know what to do, so i cooked his body and ate it that night for supper" or somesuch
[12:31:04] <Jammet> I can't remember.
[12:31:22] <Jammet> Gosh that's way too long in the past. I probably have, I usually talk to everyone to exhaustion.
[12:33:37] <servus> well yes, in uw2 they are the trilkhai, descendents of the wing commander kilrathi, which are ripoffs of larry nivens k'zin :-)
[12:35:00] <Jammet> =) I'll stumble across that in Ringworld then...
[12:35:21] <Jammet> Mostly I'm reading one Perry Rhodan issue after another... endlessy. Have to read something else for a change.
[12:35:39] <servus> well a k'zin is a main character in ringworld ;-p
[12:37:59] <Jammet> =) Okay.
[12:44:04] <servus>
[12:46:03] <Jammet> LOL
[12:46:13] <Jammet> =^_^= Very promising, uum...
[12:46:29] <servus> yepyep, me is big artist
[12:46:49] <Jammet> http://www.lionking.org/~jammet/JAMMET-uni-blinking-trans-ani.gif
[12:46:59] <Jammet> =^_^= Maybe not just as peaceful, but this is me.
[12:47:15] <servus> heehee
[12:47:23] <servus> looks like simba got the measles :-)
[12:47:44] <Jammet> =^_^= This ain't Lion King style. I have drawn other things that were. =)
[12:48:04] <servus> ah you drew that? it's very good
[12:48:25] <Jammet> Just the character design, 'cause it's me. My friend uni did that with an airbrush.
[12:48:32] <Jammet> The colours.
[12:48:55] <servus> outlines the hardest part :-)
[12:49:24] * Jammet meows happily, "I wanna learn more about it all and do fine outlines."
[12:49:47] <Jammet> Doorbell, gotta go
[12:51:53] <servus> ok bye
[12:55:35] <servus> is that you, then?
[13:07:30] <Jammet> Nope.
[13:07:34] <Jammet> Did you just do that?
[13:08:10] <Jammet> =^_^= Not funny at all.
[13:09:20] <Jammet> I've got to go now. =/ I didn't like that joke very much. Mewl. Well, later.
[13:11:14] <servus> yes i just did that, where else would i have gotten it?
[13:11:24] <servus> im sorry, jeez, didnt mean to offend ;-(
[13:23:06] --- servus is now known as servus_away
[13:23:07] <Jammet> -!- servus is now known as servus_away
[14:35:15] <Jammet> y It's okay, it's just that I am not a Grr type person =). It is totgally unfitting.
[14:35:50] <Jammet> It's okay, but please don't doodle around on my piccies like that =)
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[15:04:31] <Jammet> Hiya ...
[15:05:40] <Jammet> I was poplaying uwadv, that April release a while back. =) IIt is getter better and better .I think there were only a few things missing. Charafcter stazts, learning, casting, effects of spells, fighting.
[15:07:20] <Jammet> Well, I am not even home right now, so later then.
[19:23:28] <Jammet> < servus_away> uwadv is still missing a lot of stuff that low seems to have, such as the "feel" and "flow" of the game... uawdv still seems a bit stiff
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