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[00:09:47] <monocle> not as busy now!
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[08:26:13] <al-khaaliq> sup?
[08:28:08] <al-khaaliq> pease
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[18:02:26] <QQtis> hey
[18:02:38] <wjp> hi
[18:02:38] <QQtis> any new CVS?
[18:02:54] <wjp> no, last was yesterday
[18:03:18] <wjp> cvs log emails are sent to the uwadv-cvs mailing list, btw
[18:03:34] <QQtis> which I'm not on, heheh
[18:03:54] <wjp> it's also archived on SF somewhere
[18:04:14] <QQtis> heh, I'm out of it today
[18:04:19] <QQtis> had many classes
[18:04:27] <QQtis> hungry as shit
[18:04:38] * wjp is pretty much exhausted by now
[18:04:41] <QQtis> I think I'm gonna go make some spaghetti :)
[18:04:51] <wjp> couple of nights of staying up way too late doing homework
[18:05:07] <QQtis> yeah - I do homework with beer
[18:05:13] <QQtis> sometimes it works, sometimes ....
[18:05:30] <wjp> heh, I tend to stick to just homework :-)
[18:05:41] <QQtis> very admirable
[18:05:54] <wjp> http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum_id=8709
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[19:02:59] <Dominus> hi
[19:04:30] <wjp> hi
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[21:34:24] <vividos> hi
[21:37:07] --> Dark-Star has joined #uwadv
[21:37:14] <vividos> hi Dark-Star
[21:37:58] <wjp> hi vividos
[21:38:04] <vividos> hi wjp
[21:41:29] <QQtis> hey vividos
[21:41:37] <vividos> hi QQtis
[21:41:49] <QQtis> what's news?
[21:41:51] <vividos> I got your mail, thanks for the compilation of current issues :)
[21:41:58] <vividos> not much :)
[21:42:23] <QQtis> you probably were aware of them anyways
[21:42:37] <vividos> yes
[21:43:19] <vividos> I maybe have a solution for the audio playback problem, but that requires hacking the SDL.dll
[21:43:38] * vividos could write a patch for the SDL-team
[21:48:08] <QQtis> :))
[21:48:22] <QQtis> sounds fun
[21:51:37] <vividos> let's see :)
[21:52:10] <vividos> I found resampling code that could handle what I want, but it has to be incorporated into the deeper parts of SDL
[21:53:13] <vividos> SF mail seems to work again, it seems
[21:57:04] <QQtis> how do you get the mp3 to play?
[21:57:19] <QQtis> what directory do you put it in so it would play as you start the game?
[21:57:25] <vividos> add it to the uadata/uw1/audio/music.m3u playlist
[21:58:00] <vividos> either specify it as absolute path or use the %uadata% meta-variable to use the uadata-path variable
[21:58:22] <vividos> e.g.: %uadata%uw1/audio/UW_Intro.mp3
[21:58:42] <vividos> for all this to work you should have the smpeg.dll in the same folder as the SDL_mixer.dll
[21:59:32] * vividos asks himself how scummvm manages it to be the second top active project in the games foundary
[21:59:51] <wjp> their cvs is quite active
[22:00:49] <vividos> we need that too :)
[22:01:10] <vividos> hmm, a script that updates the ChangeLog every commit would probably do :)
[22:01:46] <vividos> hmm, must be more the page views ...
[22:02:27] <vividos> btw, why is exult-general not archived on SF yet?
[22:02:56] <wjp> it isn't?
[22:03:51] <vividos> last time I looked for it, it wasn'T
[22:04:18] <wjp> weird
[22:04:49] <vividos> must be the switch-over from geocrawler
[22:05:17] <wjp> yeah, probably
[22:05:52] <vividos> anyway, what's going on with exult and/or pentagram?
[22:06:08] <wjp> pentagram is finally getting some cvs activity :-)
[22:06:29] <vividos> yay! :)
[22:06:57] <vividos> I read somewhere that pentagram will be an rpg operating system or something like that? :-)
[22:07:03] <wjp> yes.. :-)
[22:07:30] <wjp> don't mention that to Darke too often, or he'll start thinking it's actually a good idea ;-)
[22:10:28] <vividos> hehe
[22:10:56] <vividos> well, uwadv surely didn't start to be a underworld operating system :)
[22:12:57] <vividos> does Darke read #uwadv logs from time to time? :)
[22:13:10] <wjp> heh :-)
[22:13:14] <wjp> don't know :-)
[22:14:07] * vividos asks himself who reads the logs at all
[22:14:47] <vividos> heh, found the scummvm thread about resampling: http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=682041&forum_id=115756
[22:28:01] <vividos> ok, have to go. bye!
[22:28:40] <wjp> 'night
[22:29:02] <-- vividos has left IRC ("Zzzz... <-- blatantly stolen :)")
[22:29:16] <wjp> hey, that's my quit message :-)
[22:43:27] * Dark-Star has to go now too...
[22:43:29] <Dark-Star> bye
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[22:45:20] <wjp> bye
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