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[20:56:56] <chris> ?help
[20:57:03] <chris> rawg
[20:57:51] <chris> i guess not that many people around, but im using the uwadv deb package, and getting the "caught ua_exception: could not find relevant uw1 game files" error
[20:58:01] <chris> ive read about from the irc archives from a few creative google searches
[20:58:09] <chris> but not really any solutions.
[20:58:21] <chris> about= abit
[20:58:55] <chris> so was wondering if there was any obvious solution which im not seeing.
[21:00:33] <wjp> you didn't give uwadv the right path to the UW1 game files?
[21:01:59] <wjp> I think it looks in /usr/share/games/uwadv/uwadv.cfg and in ~/.uwadv/uwadv.cfg
[21:01:59] <chris> well yeah i did
[21:02:06] <chris> and at startup it reports the correct path
[21:02:16] <chris> should i tr all the uw1 files from upper to lower case perhaps?
[21:02:24] <wjp> ah, yes, you should
[21:02:33] <chris> mk. sec
[21:02:45] <wjp> there might be a script in the uwadv package that does that for you
[21:04:35] <chris> im bash-friendly heh
[21:04:42] <chris> segfault, this is promising at least
[21:20:11] <chris> cool, segfault was because of no music pack
[21:20:28] <chris> im set, thanks
[21:20:34] <chris> been wanting to try uwadv for over a year
[21:21:57] <chris> hah this is great.
[21:22:03] <chris> nostolgia
[21:26:43] <chris> hm, i cant pick anything up tho heh. "error: attempt to index global `inventory' (a nil value) <file `uw1/scripts/objlist.lua': line 107> "
[21:33:41] <chris> ah, man page even says which script to conv from upper-to-lower.
[21:33:58] <chris> anyways, thanks again, ill fiddle with things later on
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