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[01:07:06] <Darrenor64> Hello. I'm tempted to upgrade xu4 to use SDL2 -- any concerns on the build script side?
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[01:34:45] <Kirben> What advantage will SDL2 offer?
[02:38:53] <Darrenor64> I've been working on a patch within the SDLmixer library to allow MIDI device selection on win32 platforms. They are only willing to formally accept the patch for the v2 branch. I'm certain there are other non-specific improvements as well... No rush, since they haven't started the process of integrating the patch. Just wanted your thoughts.
[02:42:47] <Darrenor64> "We think you'll be very happy with SDL 2.0, both for the new features and the better experience over SDL 1.2. " - https://wiki.libsdl.org/MigrationGuide
[02:50:39] <Darrenor64> It's really hard to pick a specific advantage. It's certainly more suited for the modern platforms and hardware.
[02:53:18] <Darrenor64> ...and will enable further tinkering and experimenting with interfaces.
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