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[07:51:47] <Kirben> Darrenor64: I don't include the Ultima IV zip files with the Windows builds, since I don't think Ultima IV was ever released as freeware.
[07:53:01] <Kirben> Darrenor64: Ultima Dragons were allowed to distribute Ultima IV themselves at one stage, but not sure if that is even still valid.
[08:04:39] <Darrenor64> I think it was ultimately released as freeware.
[08:05:33] <Darrenor64> I'm having issues with libiconv-2.dll
[08:06:28] <Darrenor64> does your install build automatically install it?
[08:06:52] <Kirben> No, as I use a static build of iconv.
[08:07:21] <Darrenor64> ok, i need to fix mine to do that as well..
[08:08:07] <Darrenor64> why is is ok to distribute the u4.zip with the mac and linux builds, but not win32?
[08:09:16] <Kirben> The builder/porters for those systems didn't seem to mind the risk. I emailed Andrew about that long ago.
[08:09:36] <Kirben> I have never been able to find a reference for Ultima IV been declared as freeware, seems more like people assumed based on the allowance for the Ultima Dragons.
[08:10:03] <Darrenor64> I don't know if these are official:
[08:10:04] <Darrenor64> http://www.download3k.com/Games/Adventure-RPG/Download-Ultima-4-Quest-of-the-Avatar.html
[08:10:27] <Darrenor64> http://www.download3k.com/Games/Adventure-RPG/Download-Ultima-4-Quest-of-the-Avatar.html
[08:10:36] <Darrenor64> http://gigi.nullneuron.net/ultima/u4.php
[08:12:42] <Kirben> No, those are just download sites for the game.
[08:14:34] <Kirben> https://groups.google.com/group/comp.emulators.apple2/browse_thread/thread/c44b0f11d359ffb8/b524feb53961add?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&q=ultima+iv+freeware#0b524feb53961add
[08:15:17] <Kirben> Unfortunately the web sites linked are too old to still work, but still seems like only Ultima Dragons are allowed.
[08:20:40] <Kirben> http://www.faqs.org/faqs/games/ultima/ section 5.8
[08:20:43] <Darrenor64> That's an ambiguous shame. Also a shame is my development environment's insistence that those dlls be dynamically linked. Must be a bad reference to one of the 3rd party libs. Will have to go through the updated instructions again.
[08:22:16] <Darrenor64> wow, that is a very interesting distinction.
[08:23:12] <Kirben> Hopefully can just swap over your iconv libs, for the static build I provide.
[08:23:35] <Kirben> Anyway let me know when you require a Windows build for the next release.
[08:26:27] <Darrenor64> Let's do it, and call it 1.1beta4
[08:26:29] <Darrenor64> It is time.
[08:27:25] <Kirben> Do you want to tag and update SVN? or will I update version number locally?
[08:28:44] <Darrenor64> i'll make a tag quickly.
[08:29:46] <Kirben> Also should I include both MIDI and Tracker music files? or only the music currently used (in conf/music.xml) by xu4?
[08:34:42] <Darrenor64> Just go with what's available in music.xml
[08:34:56] <Kirben> ok
[08:35:03] <Darrenor64> I created the tag before updating the version number in Makefile.common --
[08:35:50] <Darrenor64> I'll try to fix it.
[08:40:19] <Darrenor64> Ok, fixed.
[08:46:31] <Kirben> Fixed a few more version numbers in the beta4 tag.
[08:47:39] <Darrenor64> Hmm, I suppose I should add to the 'new in this version' text.
[08:47:45] <Darrenor64> A lot has changed.
[08:47:59] <Darrenor64> ls
[08:49:17] <Kirben> The more details the better.
[09:00:08] <Darrenor64> that's all I can think of at the moment.
[09:00:12] <Darrenor64> that should be enouhg.
[09:01:07] <Kirben> win32 binary uploaded - https://sourceforge.net/projects/xu4/files/xu4/1.0beta4/
[09:11:31] <Darrenor64> ooh, thanks. now I'll try it on my netbook, and see whether or not I've ramped the speed requirements accidentally with a bad algorithm.
[09:41:38] <Darrenor64> working very nicely. thanks again.
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[22:06:24] <Darrenor64> Hello Dominus. On a whim, we made a beta4 tag and win32 build.
[22:06:46] <Darrenor64> Seems Kirben has win32 handled perfectly.
[22:08:16] <Dominus> yes, I read in the logs, after a long day, I've just returned to my machine half an hour ago :)
[22:22:40] <Dominus> make -f makefile.macosx install does actually produce a good app bundle
[22:23:13] <Dominus> not quite in a way to have it ready for useage outside of my own machine but so far so good :)
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[22:38:22] <Dominus> by compiling libxml2 for each arch, I should be able to make a universal build for os x...