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[21:09:47] <macksting> I'm having the darndest time compiling this. Any idea why it would be complaining that 'strcasecmp' was not declared in this scope?
[21:09:56] <macksting> Bear in mind I'm a n00b at compiling.
[21:16:03] <Dominus> hi
[21:16:15] <macksting> Heya, Dominus.
[21:16:29] <Dominus> depends entirely on your OS and compiler etc... :)
[21:16:35] <macksting> Bugger.
[21:16:47] <macksting> Well, it's mostly stock lubuntu, though I've done my best to get the dependencies.
[21:17:41] <Dominus> it might be that it has problems with the stock compiler of lubuntu
[21:17:44] <macksting> No idea how to handle a .rpm, or I'd probably just try that. (aliening it to .deb, as somebody suggested, made things much worse.)
[21:17:59] <Dominus> don't do that
[21:18:11] <Dominus> the rpm is *AGES* old
[21:18:11] <macksting> Don't do which, the alien thing, or the .rpm thing?
[21:18:16] <macksting> Oh.
[21:18:36] <Dominus> so, I guess you downloaded latest release?
[21:18:38] <macksting> What's the latest version for Linux?
[21:18:48] <Dominus> you need to grab svn of xu4 and compile that
[21:19:45] <macksting> This might be a dumb question, but how do I do that?
[21:20:26] <Dominus> https://sourceforge.net/p/xu4/code/HEAD/tree/ there download snapshot and then you might need to read up on things :)
[21:20:36] * macksting nods.
[21:20:42] <macksting> So sourceforge.net is still the best bet.
[21:21:17] <macksting> Any idea why the website directs to a different folder?
[21:21:51] <Dominus> no, what do you mean?
[21:22:12] <macksting> It seems to send me to /projects/ instead of /p.
[21:22:34] <Dominus> *what* sends you where?
[21:22:55] <macksting> Uh. Lemme start from scratch.
[21:24:00] <macksting> xu4.sourceforge.net's download link sends me to /download.php, which indicates there's no snapshot for Linux, only for Windows and Mac. So the only thing I could figure to do was to go to xu4 releases.
[21:24:33] <macksting> So it seemed to me the only option was a beta.
[21:24:48] <macksting> I take it I'm missing something obvious?
[21:25:57] <macksting> Anyway, the xu4 releases have a link to xu4_1.0beta3 for Linux, which goes to sourceforge.net/projects/xu4/files/
[21:26:03] <Dominus> yes
[21:26:14] <Dominus> but read whyt I wrote, grab the svn
[21:26:28] <Dominus> that beta is !!!9!!! years old
[21:26:39] <macksting> Okay. I apparently have no idea what an svn is.
[21:27:04] <macksting> Is that the snapshot you mentioned? If so, I'm still downloading it at present. It's a .zip
[21:27:17] <Dominus> it's the actual current code of xu4
[21:28:06] <macksting> Bugger. I might have to redownload it. Says there's an error occurred while loading the archive.
[21:28:20] <macksting> This is the .zip, mind you.
[21:28:39] <Dominus> extract that zip, cd to it in terminal, cd to xu4-code-3061-trunk/u4/src and then run make
[21:28:48] <Dominus> perhaps it will compile then for you
[21:29:02] <macksting> Even though it says An error occurred while loading the archive?
[21:29:16] <Dominus> no
[21:29:21] <macksting> I'd've thought not, yeah.
[21:29:29] <Dominus> of course the archive must be fully downloaded
[21:29:32] <macksting> So I'll download it again, see if it works right this time.
[21:29:55] <macksting> If it wasn't fully downloaded, it lied about it, which is frustrating.
[21:30:16] <Dominus> complain to your browser :)
[21:30:43] <macksting> Indeed.
[21:31:12] <macksting> While I wait and babysit the download, why are all the sourceforge files so old?
[21:31:26] <Dominus> because no one made a release
[21:31:29] <macksting> Oh.
[21:31:39] <macksting> I take it that's difficult to do?
[21:32:17] * macksting would like to learn to code, but he'd be starting from scratch, so... yeah, not your problem.
[21:33:08] <Dominus> with open source projects like this (small team - long development) it's often that people have turned elsewehre and have no time and people who are left may feel that it is not ready for release
[21:33:55] <Dominus> in this case there was a beta release in 2011 - mostly only for Windows because it is mostly expected that linux folks know how to compile their stuff
[21:33:57] <macksting> I'd probably need some serious education, and to develop a few things of my own, before I could help. About right?
[21:34:16] <macksting> Ugh. But... we'd be compiling from 9 year old files.
[21:34:33] <Dominus> and with the many linux OS' now it's not fun to make rpms or debs
[21:34:44] <macksting> God dammit.
[21:34:53] <macksting> It died in the middle of the download again.
[21:34:58] <Dominus> and no, linux folks are expected to know that when there is an ages old release there is likely more current code that can be compiled
[21:35:06] <macksting> Oh.
[21:35:12] <Dominus> sorry :)
[21:35:13] <macksting> :T
[21:35:52] <macksting> So, two failed attempts to download the snapshot. Let's try for three.
[21:36:16] <Dominus> it worked for me with firefox
[21:36:29] <macksting> It's not working for me with Firefox, so I've no idea what to make of that.
[21:36:55] <macksting> I'm not experiencing any obvious interruptions of service.
[21:37:07] <macksting> Abyssmal download rate, though.
[21:37:48] <Dominus> you could also just run Wine with the Windows snapshot :)
[21:38:01] <macksting> That sounds a bit absurd.
[21:38:10] <Dominus> yep :)
[21:38:50] <macksting> Also seems lazy. I'm broke, so I gotta learn to use Linux or there's no way I'll be able to upgrade my hardware later. For now, this means I should probably avoid cludgy solutions.
[21:39:30] <macksting> I mean, okay, I could pirate stuff (like, say, whole OSes), but quite aside from that feeling awkward, it's likewise lazy.
[21:40:34] <macksting> I'm theoretically fond of open source and free shit, and I'm definitely fond of free stuff in practice.
[21:40:49] <macksting> Most of my reading in the last two years has been Project Gutenberg.
[21:41:37] <macksting> Using a cludge like that... I dunno. I don't think at my age I can afford to stop learning. I'm in my 30s. If I don't keep limber, I'll be useless later.
[21:43:27] <macksting> There! Blimey. That was almost more trouble than it was worth. Now let's try to make this happen.
[21:46:16] <macksting> The readme's instructions seem invalid. It tells me to type make in the src/ directory, and I can't find one.
[21:46:31] <macksting> Oh.
[21:46:35] <macksting> Damn. Wonder if I typoed.
[21:46:52] <macksting> Nope. Was just stupid, that's all.
[21:47:34] <macksting> Sorry to spam the channel.
[21:48:48] <macksting> Hrm. Well, that stalled out.
[21:48:48] <Dominus> it's been so quiet, it can use some spammming
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[21:49:21] <macksting2> /usr/bin/ld: unzip.o: undefined reference to symbol 'inflateInit2_'
[21:49:21] <macksting2> //lib/i386-linux-gnu/libz.so.1: error adding symbols: DSO missing from command line
[21:49:21] <macksting2> collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
[21:49:21] <macksting2> make: *** [u4] Error 1
[21:49:27] <macksting> Any idea what that means?
[21:49:53] <macksting> (Sorry, still learning irssi, so I've no idea how to c/p into here.
[21:50:07] <Dominus> maybe you have to apt-get (or whatever lubuntu uses) to grab zlib-devel
[21:50:39] <Dominus> all the dependencies of xu4 (and other projects) need the devel stuff to compile
[21:50:51] <macksting> I'll try that.
[21:51:03] <macksting> Hrm. Neither aptitude nor apt-get could find that.
[21:51:36] <Dominus> if you just apt-get zlib you get the equivalent to a dll in Windows but you need to grab the sources as well.
[21:52:05] <macksting> Unable to locate package zlib
[21:52:10] <macksting> Unable to locate package zlib-dev
[21:52:17] <macksting> Unable to locate package zlib-devel
[21:52:22] <macksting> I'll go look around.
[21:53:18] <macksting> Well, Google brought up zlib1g and zlib1g-dev; apt-get says I already have the latest versions of each.
[21:54:13] <macksting> I take it either that's not the right packages, or that's not what's wrong?
[21:58:04] <Dominus> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19901934/strange-linking-error-dso-missing-from-command-line
[21:59:37] <macksting2> I confess, I'm having trouble parsing the answer.
[21:59:51] <macksting2> I take it I need to make differently?
[21:59:52] <Dominus> you can try adding -lz to the line LIBS=$(UILIBS) $(shell xml2-config --libs) -lpng
[22:00:02] <Dominus> in the makefile
[22:00:05] <macksting2> Oh.
[22:00:27] <macksting2> Well, if I fuck it up, it's not like I don't have it in a .zip
[22:00:44] <Dominus> or you can always redownload a couple of times :)
[22:00:59] <macksting> Good god know. You saw how much that took last time.
[22:01:03] <macksting> It's a miracle it worked at all.
[22:01:14] <macksting> How the frell did I type know instead of no?
[22:01:58] <macksting> Anyway, let's see what happens this time.
[22:02:08] <macksting> Didn't cough up any obvious errors.
[22:02:46] <macksting> So now, uh... makefile?
[22:02:56] <Dominus> ?
[22:03:05] <macksting> Um. I dunno. Is it done?
[22:03:17] <Dominus> so you ran make and it didn't give an error?
[22:03:25] <macksting> Didn't seem to cough up an error, no.
[22:03:36] <macksting> Granted I can't parse everything, but those are usually louder than what I saw.
[22:04:34] <Dominus> now
[22:04:38] <macksting> I highly doubt you want a pastebin of the result.
[22:04:39] <Dominus> run ./u4
[22:04:41] * macksting shuts up, listens.
[22:05:09] <Dominus> it will likely tell you that you need the game somewhere or that other stuff is missing
[22:05:11] <macksting> Whee! That did something. Now to move the game and upgrade into position.
[22:05:34] <Dominus> you can also run "make install"
[22:05:46] <macksting> What would that do?
[22:05:49] <Dominus> it will then "install" xu4 into your system
[22:05:53] <macksting> Oh.
[22:06:01] <macksting> So that I wouldn't have to go to /src/ to run it?
[22:06:06] <Dominus> so you just need to open terminal, run u4 anywhere
[22:06:09] <Dominus> right
[22:06:32] <Dominus> after that you should be able to just delete your whole extracted thing
[22:06:41] <Dominus> *after* make install
[22:07:18] <macksting> Oh. That would be strange. Where would I put the game files?
[22:08:14] <macksting> Huh. /usr/lib/u4/ultima4/ , apparently.
[22:08:24] <Dominus> from the readme
[22:08:34] <Dominus> correct :)
[22:09:23] <Dominus> (or it might be /usr/lib/u4/ for the zips but /usr/lib/u4/ultima4 sounds to be correct)
[22:09:55] <macksting> Looks like I might need to make the lowest of those subfolders manually.
[22:10:28] <Dominus> yes
[22:10:38] <macksting> Bah. Aaaand I need to learn how to make a folder in the command line, 'cause I've no gorram idea how to get the necessary permission from the file manager.
[22:11:03] <Dominus> mkdir
[22:11:11] <macksting> mkdir! Yes indeedy.
[22:11:43] <macksting> I'm sure I don't need to cd to do that, but I'll just walk before I run.
[22:12:04] <Dominus> sudo mkdir /usr/lib/u4/ultima4
[22:12:21] <macksting> Eh, I just cd'd to it.
[22:12:26] <macksting> Thank you, though.
[22:12:36] <macksting> That's frightfully easy syntax now that I know it.
[22:12:55] <Dominus> you'll get there :)
[22:13:19] <Dominus> I switched from Windows to OS X about five years ago, you will learn this stuff :)
[22:13:30] <macksting> Indeed, and learn it I must.
[22:13:36] <macksting> Can't afford not to.
[22:13:57] <macksting> Uh. Now, if I put a | between cp commands, that'll run both, right?
[22:14:12] <macksting> But surely there's an easier way to copy two .zips to a folder.
[22:14:38] <Dominus> not familiar with that syntax |
[22:14:57] <Dominus> but a "cp zip1 && cp zip2" will work
[22:16:41] <macksting> I did that just now.
[22:16:47] <macksting> Silly me, needed to sudo before the second cp
[22:16:58] <macksting> The More You Know --==*
[22:18:10] <macksting> Well. That didn't work.
[22:18:57] <macksting> Well. That wouldn't help. Seems u4upgrad.zip is borked.
[22:19:02] <macksting> I'll try downloading that again.
[22:21:13] <macksting> Weird.
[22:21:19] <Dominus> http://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=78&t=77032
[22:28:48] <macksting2> Blasted laptop keeps falling offline.
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[22:30:28] <macksting2> Aaand there she goes.
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[22:30:57] <Lightkey> wth
[22:31:05] <macksting2> Huh. Whiskey bravo, Dominus.
[22:31:36] <Lightkey> took some time to realise what channel this is, too much talk ;-)
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[22:31:45] <macksting2> Heh.
[22:31:51] <macksting2> Oh hey, Maeve's back online.
[22:31:57] <DominusExult> har har :)
[22:31:59] <macksting> Sorry about that.
[22:32:16] <macksting> No hardline, and I'm pretty sure the antenna's borked.
[22:32:27] <macksting> Oh, one other thing. Does u4 only work in the X?
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[22:34:38] <Dominus> macksting: likely it only works in x
[22:35:19] <Dominus> xu4 uses SDL 1.2x which only uses X on Linux, not the other newer alternatives. IT would need to be ported to SDL2
[22:35:27] <macksting> Ah, right. That makes sense.
[22:35:36] <Dominus> but I don't know for sure
[22:35:41] <macksting> Makes sense, though.
[22:35:49] <Dominus> I'm not using linux nor X :)
[22:36:50] <Dominus> and now off to bed
[22:36:53] <Dominus> good luck
[22:37:03] <Dominus> btw. all this is logged at
[22:37:07] <Dominus> ?logs
[22:37:07] <exultbot> Logs are available at http://log.usecode.org/xu4log.php
[22:37:14] <Dominus> ?seen wjp
[22:37:14] <exultbot> wjp left IRC around Thu Nov 24 23:09:15 2011 (GMT) (*.net *.split)
[22:37:15] <macksting> Let's see what happens.
[22:37:19] <macksting> Oh. Thanks!
[22:37:40] <macksting> Good thing I didn't call anybody Hitler, or it'd have been there forever.
[22:38:02] <Dominus> good night :)
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[22:38:51] <macksting> Well... god damn. It still doesn't work.
[22:39:36] <macksting2> A whole lot of variations on the theme of: No declaration for attribute magic of element weapon
[22:40:05] <macksting> Google nets me nothing. Lovely.
[22:40:10] <macksting> Well, let's try a different folder.
[22:43:01] <macksting> Same.
[22:43:10] <macksting> What in the world is wrong with this thing...
[22:47:09] <macksting> I think I've now got the ultima4 folder in every conceivable place in the readme.
[22:51:20] <macksting> Gorram it.
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