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[06:36:17] <Darrenor64> ?log
[06:36:17] <exultbot> Logs are available at http://log.usecode.org/xu4log.php
[06:38:45] <Darrenor64> Thanks for changing the readme etc. re: distributing u4. It's best to keep things legit. Is it still possible to be a dragon? I mean, I got the dragon edition of u9... but never signed into the old UDIC.
[06:39:51] <Darrenor64> ok, I'll check out the MACOSX PATH stuff tomorrow. Which should be in about 9 hours for me.
[06:40:42] <Darrenor64> it's really exciting, the idea of daily snapshots being automated. you'll have to teach me how you set that stuff up some day.
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[13:27:11] <Dominus> darrenor64: guide to making semi-automated snapshots for OS X (semi because it relies on the mac and the mail.app running):
[13:30:03] <Dominus> 1. in mail.app add a rule that when receiver is xu4-commits@lists.sourceforge.net AND subject contains trunk/u4 (make sure that the rule applies only when both apply, so that the rule only triggers on trunk commits and not on branches) mail will execute the apple script xu4snapshot.scpt
[13:30:25] <Dominus> that script is at http://pastebin.com/5xR0aygF
[13:31:47] <Dominus> the script will inform you in a dialog that a new revision of xu4 trunk is available and whether you want to compile a new snapshot. if you don't cancel or confirm the script will compile a snapshot after three minutes wait.
[13:32:36] <Dominus> it will open terminal and open a new tab if terminal is already running (so it doesn't mess with stuff you are already doing in terminal)
[13:33:32] <Dominus> and then execute the shell script xu4snapshot.sh (in my case it is located at ~/code/sh - so that needs to be changed by you
[13:33:51] <Dominus> the shell script is at http://pastebin.com/erv32QEG
[13:35:09] <Dominus> in my case i copied the makefile.macosx to makefile.osx and uncommented CC=, CXX=, SPECIFIC_ARCH= and SYSROOT=, since I need to pass those variables on in the automation
[13:35:54] <Dominus> the shell script will store snapshots with a time stamp in a specific path (which makes regression testing very easy)
[13:36:35] <Dominus> and then will upload the snapshot to the web space IF you uploaded your public ssh key to SF
[13:37:11] <Dominus> I'm not sure if the path on the webspace is correct since I can't access it atm :)
[13:37:40] <Dominus> sounds a bit complicated at first but works nicely here.
[13:38:11] <Dominus> at least for Exult I got this working
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[13:40:33] <Dominus|away> oh, last line in the shell script is wrong "make -f makefile.osx clean && make -f makefile.osx clean-local"
[19:12:58] <Dominus|away> (seems I need to finetune the framework stuff in the appbundle, because the frameworks have a couple of symlinks but those get treated as real files right now the bundle is much bigger than it needs to be)
[21:58:24] <Darrenor64> wow, that's nice.
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[22:01:21] <Dominus> :)
[22:01:52] <Dominus> and it looks harder than it really is :)
[22:02:15] <Dominus> figuring that stuff out was a bit of a struggle :)
[22:08:27] <Darrenor64> I accidentally commited some changes that remove the include SDL in the main u4.cpp/h
[22:08:38] <Dominus> I just saw that :)
[22:09:05] <Dominus> (and also saw that my shell script is missing a "svn update" on top :))
[22:11:05] <Darrenor64> ha
[22:13:55] <Darrenor64> can you refresh me on what happens when that include sdl is missing?
[22:15:23] <Dominus> says same symbols on src/macosx/sdl... and u4.cpp
[22:15:27] <Dominus> let me see
[22:16:55] <Dominus> ld: duplicate symbol _main in u4.o and macosx/SDLMain.o
[22:21:14] <wjp> that's consistent with a missing SDL.h include
[22:21:41] <wjp> (it #defines main to SDLmain or something like that)
[22:36:59] <Darrenor64> ah, I think the win32 behaves slightly differently. i accidentally committed the removed include because i made a fix on my mac side, which needs the SDL stuff removed for an experiment I'm doing with iOS
[22:37:22] <Dominus> oooh, ios experiment... :)
[22:37:38] <Darrenor64> I didn't intend to change the include, but I do eventually plan to restructure things so that it isn't required -- possibly by giving the 'SDLmain' responsibility to u4_sdl
[22:38:20] <Dominus> fine by me :)
[22:38:20] <Darrenor64> I'm finding I have to disable a whole pile of SDL-specific stuff just to get the maploader to work. Things are very interlinked in the xu4 project.
[22:38:47] <Darrenor64> i suppose it might be better to try to get SDL to work with iOS... myabe... anyway, that's a story for another day.
[22:38:52] <Dominus> for ios you need SDL 1.3
[22:39:14] <Darrenor64> they don't have a nice tidy 'framework' yet, do they?
[22:39:36] <Dominus> and xu4 *might* work with SDL 1.3 through some compatibility header sdl added
[22:40:05] <Darrenor64> i'd prefer to remake the view to be iOS -- but some of the graphics manipulations could probably still use SDL....
[22:40:05] <Dominus> I think you need to compile the framework by sourself but it most likely comes with a xcode project file for that
[22:40:17] <Darrenor64> unless I go through the trouble to make an abstraction layer at strategic poitns.
[22:40:26] <Darrenor64> but SDL is supposed to BE that layer...
[22:40:46] <Dominus> hence the need for sdl 1.3... :)
[22:43:26] <Dominus> I only recently found out that one *might* be able to compile for iOS without the need for xcode just by cross compiling by giving the cross compile target arm7.apple.something - haven't tried tat yet, though since Exult refuses to compile with SDL 1.3 anyway, even when using the compatibility header...
[22:43:28] * Dominus sighs
[22:43:54] <Darrenor64> what problems does exult experience with sdl 1.3?
[22:44:13] <Dominus> it doesn't compile :)
[22:44:21] <Darrenor64> systematic problem?
[22:44:37] <Dominus> malignant_manor tried some stuff, let me look it up in our log
[22:53:59] <Dominus> hmm, can't find it :(
[22:54:38] <Dominus> but something with video mode
[23:02:08] <Dominus> Darrenor64: did you have time to look into the additional files location at whatever path you add in MACOSX_USER_FILES_PATH?
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