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[02:22:30] <zerothis> are there resources for making an original game design using xu4 as an engine? Or is this even a remote possibility at this point?
[02:37:06] <Maggie> Probably not.
[02:37:15] <Maggie> You should look into Nazghul, its similar and is an engine
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[03:02:22] <zerothis> ok thanks
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[19:27:25] <Darrenor64> Hi NRC
[19:27:51] <Darrenor64> Glad to see the new interface changes.
[19:31:46] <Darrenor64> uh oh. keep getting conflicts with the xcode project file.
[19:34:15] <Darrenor64> i should have committed.
[19:49:02] <NorwegianRockCat> Hey!
[19:49:09] <NorwegianRockCat> Sorry about that.
[19:49:13] <NorwegianRockCat> I moved files around and stuff.
[19:49:25] <NorwegianRockCat> And added some too of course.
[19:49:33] <NorwegianRockCat> So, that's likely why you got conflicts.
[19:49:42] <NorwegianRockCat> How did things go with you meeting, btw?
[19:54:35] <Darrenor64> i'll have to send you an email about it soon. also of note, the iphoneos sdk -- did you figure out what that was all about? Are you able to use iOS 4.2?
[19:55:00] <NorwegianRockCat> Yeah, everything seems to work for me.
[19:55:03] <NorwegianRockCat> *shrug*
[19:55:10] <NorwegianRockCat> I did add the precompile header for it though.
[19:55:20] <NorwegianRockCat> It seems I hadn't added that (doh)
[19:55:30] <NorwegianRockCat> So, that problem should be solved.
[19:56:59] <Darrenor64> when i used the other sdk it suddenly wasn't required. odd no?
[19:58:12] <NorwegianRockCat> Yeah. Though it could just be some wonkiness in Xcode.
[19:58:25] <NorwegianRockCat> I've seen things like that before.
[19:58:45] <NorwegianRockCat> As long as it works for you too, we are in better shape.
[20:05:13] <Darrenor64> ANy word from the music guys?
[20:15:32] <Darrenor64> Compiled flawlessly. It's looking really good. Looking forward to experimenting with the new GUI parts.
[20:31:20] <NorwegianRockCat> No, no word from the music guys.
[20:31:29] <NorwegianRockCat> I suspect we will hear from them when we hear from them.
[20:31:43] <NorwegianRockCat> :-/
[20:32:22] <NorwegianRockCat> Anyway, I'll see if I can't get this compiled and sent out to test flight before I go to bed tonight.
[21:19:24] <NorwegianRockCat> All right, it's up. Let's see how it works.
[21:19:31] <NorwegianRockCat> Good night.
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