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[17:03:15] <NorwegianRockCat> Hey! I made it a video for the iPad.
[17:03:19] <NorwegianRockCat> You can see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhOonVr8tL0
[17:08:58] <NorwegianRockCat> Sorry for spamming the channel, but I figured I should let you know.
[17:22:39] <Dominus> he he, pissyeye?
[17:23:21] <Dominus> the 1990s Avatar :)
[17:23:24] <Dominus> looks nice
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[17:43:07] <NorwegianRockCat> Yup. Thanks
[17:43:42] <NorwegianRockCat> Dominus: I just used the old .zip file.
[17:48:56] <Darrenor64> Hi.
[17:49:15] <NorwegianRockCat> Hey
[17:49:32] <NorwegianRockCat> How's it going?
[17:49:33] <Darrenor64> saw a nice flurry of commits.
[17:49:44] <Darrenor64> nice promo video.
[17:49:47] <NorwegianRockCat> Yeah. Hope I didn't ruin too much.
[17:49:49] <NorwegianRockCat> Thanks.
[17:51:38] <NorwegianRockCat> Anyway, you should have a good foundation for the iOS stuff...
[17:51:52] <NorwegianRockCat> I'll see what I can do later...
[17:52:02] <NorwegianRockCat> but this week might not be much that happens.
[17:53:17] <Darrenor64> I'd really like to find a way to integrate the spell text into xu4 somehow as well.
[17:55:45] <NorwegianRockCat> Yeah, I'm sure we can think something up...
[17:55:55] <NorwegianRockCat> it might be a bit of work though.
[17:56:23] <Darrenor64> check this out: http://www.paradroid.net/u4/wisdom/wisdom.html
[17:57:07] <Darrenor64> might be fun to get the images in too.
[17:57:44] <NorwegianRockCat> Yeah, but that might be more copyright issues.
[17:58:16] <NorwegianRockCat> That's from the original manual.
[17:58:25] <NorwegianRockCat> The webpage is very well laid out though.
[17:58:59] <NorwegianRockCat> I figured the text might be more "fair game"
[17:59:22] <Darrenor64> (and easier for the xu4 version)
[17:59:56] <NorwegianRockCat> especially since it is included in the original version.
[18:00:01] <NorwegianRockCat> yes, indeed.
[18:00:35] <Darrenor64> the CDROM versions had pdfs. these are all just things to consider.
[18:01:33] <NorwegianRockCat> Really, my version only had winhelp stuff.
[18:01:56] <Darrenor64> might be remembering wrong.
[18:02:20] <NorwegianRockCat> There are versions on replacement docs or something like that.
[18:02:24] <NorwegianRockCat> They are pretty good.
[18:04:30] <Darrenor64> also, the tarot cards are actually from u9 -- may be a problem later on. andrew is improving his XML file formats. adding amiga versions of the tarot etc. will be easier soon.
[18:04:49] <Darrenor64> Bah, I'm sick today. Will be back later.
[18:05:35] <NorwegianRockCat> Darrenor64: Oh, I just took what andrew had added.
[18:06:16] <NorwegianRockCat> No problems.
[18:09:30] <Darrenor64> probably not - just making you aware of the source.
[18:14:41] <Darrenor64> there is a problem.
[18:15:25] <Darrenor64> wait... maybe just .h needs cleaning
[18:18:23] <Darrenor64> VGAAllPNG needs some debugging.
[18:34:25] <NorwegianRockCat> Darrenor64: the stuff has transparency built in...
[18:34:44] <NorwegianRockCat> Darrenor64: So I suspect that your transparency trick is not going to work with it...
[18:35:04] <NorwegianRockCat> I don't know what you did, as I haven't looked at the code for that.
[18:36:19] <NorwegianRockCat> Anyway, I'll try to take a look later.
[18:36:37] <NorwegianRockCat> Unless you get to it before I do.
[18:37:32] <NorwegianRockCat> The next thing I wanted to do was to get stuff start factoring out stuff...
[18:37:42] <NorwegianRockCat> the label and stuff...
[18:37:49] <NorwegianRockCat> or get things working horizontally.
[18:37:57] <NorwegianRockCat> I might try that first...
[18:38:01] <Darrenor64> the problem is paths, i think
[18:38:04] <Darrenor64> or missing files.
[18:38:06] <NorwegianRockCat> Oh?
[18:38:21] <NorwegianRockCat> This is the normal xu4?
[18:38:25] <Darrenor64> yes.
[18:38:38] <NorwegianRockCat> Are you building it with the makefile or the Xcode project?
[18:38:45] <Darrenor64> i selected the png vga
[18:38:51] <Darrenor64> no, i'm running it on my windows pc
[18:38:55] <NorwegianRockCat> Ah :-)
[18:39:05] <NorwegianRockCat> Yes, that makefile likely needs an update.
[18:39:08] <Darrenor64> i suppose the paths are just in different places.
[18:39:14] <NorwegianRockCat> Well...
[18:39:18] <NorwegianRockCat> Yeah, could be.
[18:39:27] <NorwegianRockCat> I haven't ever run it on Windows...
[18:39:28] <Darrenor64> so just some minor house-cleaning.
[18:39:31] <NorwegianRockCat> so I don't know how that works.
[18:39:33] <NorwegianRockCat> Yeah.
[18:39:39] <NorwegianRockCat> That should be easy to fix.
[18:39:44] <Darrenor64> try running it from the src directory, and you should have a similar effect.
[18:39:50] <Darrenor64> ./u4
[18:40:08] <Darrenor64> or even ./src/u4
[18:40:21] <Darrenor64> i'm under the weather today, so I'll check into things later.
[18:40:28] <NorwegianRockCat> OK>
[18:40:37] <NorwegianRockCat> I must say I never tried without the bundle.
[18:40:48] <NorwegianRockCat> Since (in theory) that's how you have to run GUI applications.
[18:40:59] <NorwegianRockCat> I mean it does work outside of it...
[18:41:11] <NorwegianRockCat> but many things stop working if you don't follow the rules :-)
[18:41:17] <NorwegianRockCat> well, small things.
[18:41:20] <NorwegianRockCat> But still.
[18:41:24] <NorwegianRockCat> Anyway, get well soon.
[18:41:30] <Darrenor64> re: the transparency thing is pixel-based. Anything black. An outline is added algorithmically.
[18:41:38] <NorwegianRockCat> Ah...
[18:41:57] <Darrenor64> it will probably be perfectly compatible -- unless there are large black things.
[18:42:03] <NorwegianRockCat> Well, I really haven't tried the all-png stuff since I really created it for the iPad...
[18:42:10] <NorwegianRockCat> Well...
[18:42:14] <NorwegianRockCat> at least not for this set ;-)
[18:42:26] <NorwegianRockCat> In general yes, it could be.
[18:42:36] <NorwegianRockCat> Since one might want to drop new ones in.
[18:42:51] <Darrenor64> indeed. will have to test for that later.
[18:43:04] <Darrenor64> was looking forward to seeing the greened tiles.
[18:43:07] <NorwegianRockCat> OK.
[18:43:18] <Darrenor64> anyway, i'll let you tinker with that minor issue, and we'll talk later.
[18:43:35] <NorwegianRockCat> Yes.
[18:45:11] <Darrenor64> yeah, looks like it just needs a subdirectory in the /graphics dir.
[18:45:23] <NorwegianRockCat> OK, I'll see if I can move stuff around...
[18:45:37] <NorwegianRockCat> but it has one... "png"
[18:45:42] <NorwegianRockCat> oh...
[18:45:48] <NorwegianRockCat> It maybe needs to match?
[18:45:56] <NorwegianRockCat> hmm...
[19:11:13] <NorwegianRockCat> Fixed
[19:11:23] <NorwegianRockCat> I now know what xu4Graphic does :-)
[19:13:54] <NorwegianRockCat> I'll submit shortly.
[19:38:53] <NorwegianRockCat> Argh...
[19:39:18] <NorwegianRockCat> Andrew's last commit really messed up my stuff.
[19:39:42] <NorwegianRockCat> His don't need to calculate height and width really broke a lot of assumptions.
[19:41:49] <NorwegianRockCat> It breaks all my image loading code actually.
[19:42:01] <NorwegianRockCat> Well, his last two commits actually.
[19:42:13] <NorwegianRockCat> Darrenor64: can you ask what he was trying to do?
[19:42:37] <NorwegianRockCat> I can submit my change, but everything is really broken for my stuff. :-/
[19:42:43] <NorwegianRockCat> A bit unfortunate.
[19:42:51] <NorwegianRockCat> I'll have to go in and fix it up later.
[19:43:08] <NorwegianRockCat> But the mallocs go very wrong for calculating an image for me now.
[19:43:17] <NorwegianRockCat> since the height and width is just stored as -1.
[19:43:33] <NorwegianRockCat> -1 * -1 * -1 leads to a very bad malloc.
[19:43:55] <NorwegianRockCat> anyway, I'll submit my fix, but I'll have to look into this later.
[19:53:50] <Darrenor64> He was trying to simplify the xml. I'm assuming he figured that the PNG lib could obtain the width and height from the png file, and that writing the contents in the xml was redundant.
[20:03:13] <NorwegianRockCat> Very true, but it broke stuff.
[20:03:17] <NorwegianRockCat> Anyway it's fixed now.
[20:03:39] <NorwegianRockCat> So, you should be able to use the VGA-ALLPNG without problem.
[20:03:41] <NorwegianRockCat> Have fun :-)
[20:03:51] <NorwegianRockCat> I'm calling it a day.
[20:05:39] <Darrenor64> awesome.
[20:05:53] <Darrenor64> i feel compelled to start making some of the classic VGA tiles a little more hi res.
[20:48:32] <Dominus> don't let anyone stop you!
[20:48:39] <Dominus> :)
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[22:00:16] <Darrenor64> hahaha
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