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[15:30:59] <Dominus> NorwegianRockCat: can it be that you forgot to include my device id?
[15:31:22] <Dominus> itunes refuses to install because my entitlements are not valid
[15:32:04] <NorwegianRockCat> I don't think it would let me even it send it to you then...
[15:32:12] <NorwegianRockCat> Dominus: anyway, I just made a new build...
[15:32:37] <NorwegianRockCat> Dominus: have a chance to try it out?
[15:33:08] <Dominus> yes, at least for installing but then I need to eat :)
[15:33:31] <NorwegianRockCat> sure sure.
[15:33:44] <NorwegianRockCat> I'm not going to make people starve here :-)
[15:33:51] <Dominus> he he
[15:33:59] <NorwegianRockCat> the web app says you made it work...
[15:34:01] <NorwegianRockCat> did it?
[15:34:09] * NorwegianRockCat crosses his fingers for luck.
[15:35:23] <Dominus> he he, it's still downloading
[15:35:38] <NorwegianRockCat> OK, well then the webapp is too optimistic :-)
[15:35:39] <Dominus> seems the testflight reports are a bit overeager
[15:35:43] <NorwegianRockCat> indeed!
[15:36:02] <NorwegianRockCat> but, otherwise, it seems kind of cool.
[15:36:08] <NorwegianRockCat> I'll have to remember it for other projects.
[15:36:34] <Dominus> I'm amazed you can even use something like this and no need to go via appstore
[15:37:00] <NorwegianRockCat> Well, all these apps are signed by a certificate that expires in like 90 days.
[15:37:13] <Dominus> oh, now it did install
[15:37:16] <NorwegianRockCat> So, even when it's installed it will die eventually.
[15:37:17] <NorwegianRockCat> OK.
[15:37:30] <NorwegianRockCat> Then, I messed up when I built it on the other machine.
[15:37:35] <NorwegianRockCat> Sorry about that.
[15:37:46] <NorwegianRockCat> anyway, It should be a bit better to look at.
[15:37:48] <NorwegianRockCat> A bit...
[15:38:00] <NorwegianRockCat> Glad it worked though.
[15:38:10] <NorwegianRockCat> Now, you can go and eat :-)
[15:38:36] <Dominus> yes, quick run through, looks much better now AND doesn't crash anymore
[15:40:30] <NorwegianRockCat> Event better!
[15:40:36] <NorwegianRockCat> err even better.
[15:40:39] <NorwegianRockCat> Anyway, I have to run too.
[15:40:52] <NorwegianRockCat> Talk to you later
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[17:00:19] <Dominus> norwegian, something strange with combat, the display is distorting the players stats in combat and it is prone to crash when exiting combat
[17:00:52] <Dominus> I tried to attack the guards in castle british and fled the combat the screen, the second time I di dthat it crashed
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