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[19:09:08] <NorwegianRockCat> Dominus: Thanks for the link and the bug report. I'll try to take a look at it soon.
[19:10:06] <NorwegianRockCat> I'll be traveling for the rest of the week, so I won't be able to do much this week, but I'll see what I can do.
[19:10:21] <NorwegianRockCat> Have a good week everyone...
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[23:02:44] <Darrenor128> ok, next weekend it is.
[23:03:09] <Darrenor128> sounds like you've made some interesting progress. if we merged our efforts, we should be able to come up with something really good.
[23:04:10] <Dominus> you really should meet :)
[23:09:58] <Darrenor128> yhave you sampled his app?
[23:12:50] <Dominus> yes
[23:12:57] <Darrenor128> is it strictly for ipad?
[23:13:01] <Dominus> yes
[23:13:11] <Dominus> at least it is now
[23:13:15] <Darrenor128> ah, that's a shame. mine is primarily for ipod touch.
[23:13:25] <Darrenor128> i have limited pad exposure.
[23:13:43] <Dominus> you sholuld meet in between :)
[23:13:44] <Darrenor128> but i'm sure it won't be too hard to cross over.
[23:13:46] <Darrenor128> hahahah
[23:13:48] <Darrenor128> exactly./
[23:14:22] <Dominus> I'm not too interested in playing u4 on the small iphone/ipod screen myself
[23:15:12] <Dominus> the one version he posted at first for the ios simulator works nicely for test driving it btw.
[23:15:21] <Dominus> on the ipad simulator
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